10 Naughty Games To Play With Your Long Distance Boyfriend!

By- Shreya Sharma

Long distance relationships are hard to maintain because there is the physical absence of your partner and they are in the completely different zone making it more difficult to handle things. The advancement in technology has though made it easy for the couples to connect and feel associated. You can now make your love life sizzle and fill the lack of physical presence through some sexy games to spice up your relationship. Here are 10 naughty games to play with your long distance boyfriend.

  1. Adult entertainment

Use video call and set a date and time to watch the same movie together. Have the same movie by either streaming or getting a copy of it but make sure that the movie is adult rated. Slowly you both will get aroused and can indulge into sexy acts.


  1. Messaging and libido

All you need is a smartphone and internet connection and you are ready for the game. Compose a long sexy message conveying your longingness for physical intimacy, let this message be racy and detailed. Now send the message in parts. Send the first four messages through Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, next four parts of the message through Viber or WhatsApp. Continue doing this through different social media platforms until you send the complete message. This will tease and excite your partner.

  1. Tease with photos

Send your partner photos of random parts of your body that he will not be able to recognize and it will leave him craving for more visible photos. Send the photo of your shoulder or your arm or anything but make sure that it looks like a cleavage or butt or any other thing. Ask your partner to guess the part and if they guess it wrong then they got to send you one racy photo of theirs.

  1. Intimate poses

Send a part of your body that you feel is intimate or make an intimate pose. Send random photos exposing intimate parts. Send it out of blue and he will love the surprise.


  1. Play 2 player games

You can play 2 player games such as scrabble or monopoly. Every time you play such game take a note of it, and when you finally meet see who is the overall winner and agree on a prize for the winner. It should be something sexual if you both are ready.

  1. Dirty talking

Send your sexy dirty talks to your lover through texts or voice notes. You can sometimes even send sexy moans to make things interesting. You can even send a voice note describing the things you want to do to your lover while there is the noise of others in the background. This will turn your man on.

  1. Handwritten notes

Go old school and send a handwritten letter professing how much you miss them and how much you have been longing to be wrapped around their arms. Throw in some printed photos of you or the sexy you in a revealing bikini or show off those ripped abs.


  1. Online date

Make a video call and pretend to be doing dinner in a restaurant or talking under the stars. Take your laptop to your terrace and show your partner the things you are seeing.

  1. Personal adult videos

Send sexy adult videos to your lover. Make a person adult video for your partner and this will sure make him rush to meet you and he will not be able to wait to meet you for long.  Make sure you do not show your face in the video or photo to avoid the ugly situations.

  1. Video call with a twist

To make your video calls sexy, do it being naked. Start the video call pretending you are wearing something then slowly let the camera glide down to show that you are naked. And then you can have a naughty conversation.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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