17 Sweet Texts To Send Him After Your First Date!

By- Shreya Sharma

You went on a date, you find the guy cute and you want to continue the dates and the bond you shared. If you had an amazing time, you need to keep in contact with him, to know more about him and secure few more dates because you never know; maybe he is the right one for you. Well, if you want to be in contact with him, you need to say something sweet the first time you speak after the first date. Here are 17 sweet texts to send him after your first date.

  1. I cannot stop thinking about the night we met

This will tell him that he is still on your mind even after a few days.


  1. How do I sleep after such an amazing date?

This can lead to sweet bedtime conversation.

  1. Oh, you looked amazing tonight

If you could not manage to tell him how good he looked, you can always text him about it.

  1. I hope our date was amazing for you too

This will keep things lighthearted and funny.


  1. Are you too replaying our date in your head?

This is a flirty statement that will sure make him smile and he will know that you loved the date.

  1. I reached home safe, in case if you are worried

Send him this text as soon as you walk through your door.

  1. Your taste is still lingering on my lips

Send this text to him as soon as you get home to remind him of the amazing kiss you shared.

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  1. Next time, the treat is on me

This will be a nice way to thank him for paying the bill. Plus, it will let him know that you are willing to go out with him again.

  1. Thank you for such a lovely night

This is short and sweet and he will appreciate it.

  1. I want our lips to meet again soon

This is the flirty way to tell him that you want to kiss him again and again.


  1. So, when do you plan to do it again?

This is the subtle way to ask him to ask you out again.

  1. I had a good time today, hope we can have more such good times soon

This is one great way to let him know that you are waiting for another invitation from him.

  1. I am still smiling and it is all because of you

This will put a smile on his face too.


  1. I hope you are chilled about me breaking the 3-date rule

Text him as soon as you urge rather than waiting for a few days to text him.

  1. Is it bad that I am missing you already?

This will not make you look desperate and probably he is too missing you.

  1. Missing me?

And his answer might make your heart flutter with happiness.

  1. I do not know how you are going to do better than the last date

This is a cute little challenge that he should better accept.


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