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10 Ways To Attract A Guy And Keep Him Around Forever!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all are unique and have our own traits to attract people around us, but it is never easy to attract the right kind of guy around us. Attracting a right guy is not about how pretty you are or how outgoing you are, it’s about you and your uniqueness that attracts and holds your partner in a relationship. Here are 10 ways to attract a guy and keep him around forever.

  1. Self-confidence

Be confident about your likes, dislikes, choices, personality and yourself. Knowing yourself will boost your confidence and it is sexy and attractive. The path of self-discovery is a confidence booster. You are better away from the ones who are intimidated by your confidence. And the right kind of guy will be attracted by your confidence.


  1. Being interesting

A gossip monger is not going to attract a right kind of guy. Read a book, newspaper, learn a skill or join a hobby class as this will add new dimension to your personality. And these come out handy while having conversation with people.

  1. Be independent

You should be independent for yourself and take care of yourself rather than depending on a guy to help you out. Have your own identity, career, money and life rather than being known as someone’s girlfriend or wife. Your life should be complete on your own. A man should only add a new perspective to your life.

  1. Sense of humor

Having a sense of humor means you need to take thing lightly and not being so serious about yourself and life, all the time.  You should be able to laugh at yourself as it shows that you feel good about yourself. Man finds it really attractive when a woman can have fun, laugh and make jokes.


  1. Be happy

When you are happy, you spread the happiness and positive vibes around attracting more and more people towards you. Your happiness will make other people feel good and aspire them to be happy and have fun and laugh.

  1. Be empathetic

You should be able to relate to other people’s pain, feelings, emotions and experiences. Though it is hard to be empathetic, sympathy and compassion should come naturally.

  1. Being kind

You should be kind and compassionate, not just to attract a guy. Being mean is not at all attractive and you can attract a guy but he will not stay with you for the longest.


  1. Be genuine and real

Be yourself, however strong, unique, flawed or imperfect you are. Be your real and genuine self and it will attract men. If he does not like your real self, it is his loss. Be with someone who likes you for the way you are.

  1. Being open-minded

Change is the only constant, so it is important to be open-minded. You need to grow and try to better yourself constantly. Try new things; go out of your comfort zone. Be open to new things.

  1. Be vulnerable

It is hard to show your weaknesses to others.  For someone to get to know the real, genuine you, then you need to let your guard down and let them in. It’s not healthy to keep everything inside. You need to let things out, talk, communicate, and share your thoughts, feelings, and emotions with your partner to let them know the real you.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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