11 Unusual Things Men Love About Women!

By- Shreya Sharma

Most of the times we are absolutely clueless as to what men love about us. We ask them but all in vain because we know how good men are with their words. We wonder if they like our makeup look or no-makeup look. Does he like the smell of my perfume? We worry about every small thing. To put a halt to your worries, here are 11 unusual things men love about women.

  1. The way you look

Guys love it when you give him the look. Your look can mean anything; it can be that you are in the mood or it can be that he is in trouble. They love the way you look because it keeps them guessing.


  1. No makeup look

Guys love it when we do not wear any makeup. They like to see you in your natural and beautiful way. They like to see your flaws. For them your flaws are beautiful.

  1. Being clever

Guys love it when a girl can take and give back sarcasm. They love to be buried with cleverness. Instead of taking offense, give it back to him and he will love you forever.

  1. Lip gloss

Men love lip gloss. They not only like tasting it by kissing you, but also love to watch you when you put in.


  1. Your bag

He may complain about the size of the bag, but he is glad that you can carry everything. Men love it when he needs something and most of the times you have it in your bag.

  1. Picking great gifts

Men are bad with gifts. They are clueless when it comes to gifting someone something. They love it when you help them pick the best gift for everyone.

  1. Smiling while asleep

Men like it when we are sleepy and smile at them. Your man loves you the most when you start to fall asleep while talking or chatting with him.


  1. Your memory

You remember everything, his birthday, the perfume he wears, important dates and every other thing and this is what your man loves you.

  1. Your gym look

He loves it when you just come from the gym. You might be just sporting a tank top and yoga pants but he will look you in your natural self.

  1. Your smell

Most men love the girl smell you have. They love your perfume. And when they are close to you, they also love the scent of your skin.

  1. Your vulnerable side

You need not be afraid to show your vulnerable side to your man because he loves to take care of you. Show him that you need him, be it a bad day or you are sick.


Source – GiphyTumblr

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