9 Things You Should Do To Have A Perfect Date!

We all love our partners and can go to x-limit for them. There is a constant thought in our mind on how to make them happy, what all surprises we can plan for them. We want it all to be so perfect that, there should be no loop hole or faux pass, we do not want it to go wrong at any stage. There are a few things and ideas that can be done to have a perfect date.

  1. Plan your date

Though random plans work miracles and leaving you with a day to remember forever. You can even make a perfect plan to have a perfect date. All it takes is deciding on venue, time and all you can do to make your partner feel special.

  1. Buy a gift of their choice

Buy a gift that your partner will love. Make it a point that it is not you who needs to be pampered in this date (that is another point and a sweet gesture if your boyfriend makes it a point to pamper you). Pamper your boyfriend. Buy him something that he wants for so long or even small things that make him happy would do. Like, if he likes to eat tomato ketchup, stock some in your bag; small yet sweet gesture.

  1. Groom and dress up

Try to look your best because it is going to be your “perfect date”. Groom yourself!! If you wish to apply nail color, apply it a day before so that you do not juggle up with things the next day. Plan on what to wear instead of scratching your head standing in front of your closet that very blessed morning. Wear best of your perfume because you need to smell good. It counts!! And you will know its importance *wink*.

  1. Forget your phone

While being with your man, forget what phone is. Make it a point that you do not use your phone meanwhile. Avoid checking your phone at every notification, if it would be something important they can call you. Otherwise, it is your time with “him” spend it with him and not with your phone.

  1. Be on time

We girls are generally blamed for being late. It is like another stereotype which we need to break. Make sure that you are at the venue on time or even if your partner is supposed to pick you, do not make him wait. If you are unfortunately late, try and make it up for him. Pro tip- Assume your date time to be an hour before to get ready on time.

  1. Make your date feel special

You must be by now knowing your partner enough to decide on what makes him happy. Do every single thing to make him feel special; sing his favorite song, order his favorite food, if possible dance for him or better dance with him and all that makes him feel special.

  1. Concentrate on your partner

Instead of focusing here and there or checking out other boys, focus on your partner. Notice him. Cherish the fact that he belongs to you. Compliment him, even boys like compliments. He is the “one” make him feel that.

  1. Talk about “us”

This is “your time”. You better talk about “us”, about you and him instead of gossiping about who said what or who did what. Do not bore him by telling “aaj mumma ne lokki ki sabzi bnae”. Talk about why you love him so much or you can even talk about what your family and friends talk about you and these better be the positive comments and compliments.

  1. Pay the bill

Boys love it when girls take the charge. They feel proud of this fact that their partner is strong enough. You are the one to plan the date, do not make him pay the bill. Your man will love this gesture of yours. Ask him to pay the bill when he plans the date. This time is yours.

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