10 Things that only book readers will understand

When people go for movies, hangouts, casual meetings and picnics, you go for books. Sounds funny and weird to others but you know exactly what you are up to. Not everyone can understand you, so your circle is real small and specially consists of readers. You know what an avid reader feels like and following are the few things that every reader would understand.

  1. Isolation

This is the first priority of every reader. Complete isolation while they read, so that they can concentrate on their book and there is no one to disturb them. Another reason for it is that it helps readers to connect properly with the book.


  1. Emotionality

When you read a book you get emotionally attached with it and characters in it, which creates happiness, suspense, sorrow and bewilderment within you through the storyline as per the content.


  1. Sleepless nights

Just one more page, just one more chapter or maybe just one more paragraph and that is how you land up waking up all night reading.


  1. Starting a book

Starting a book is not as easy at looks. The decision to start a book is same as starting up a course. An avid reader knows there is no turning back, if he/she starts up a book they have to complete it, no matter what.


  1. There might be a favourite author but not a favourite book

Being a reader you might have an author whose work you like the most but it is difficult for you to decide which book you like the most as you may land with more than one name.


  1. You stall before every book store you come across

It becomes you natural tendency to stop before every book stalls and shops just to check on the books available. Even though you do not wish to buy any you will still go through the collection at least ones because it gives you certain kind of kicks that only a reader would know about.


  1. Losing the track

This happens a lot with the readers. They have a habit of pushing themselves to read a little more even when their eyes and mind gives up. So when they try and continue later they lose track on the content and have to turn back few pages and start over again.


  1. Finding a comfortable position

For readers reading is like having a wild and passionate sex, you enjoy it but you cannot find a specific and comfortable position to do so. So you try all kinds of awkward and bizarre styles to read your book.


  1. Funny bookmark

Avid readers do not care for their bookmarks, they just want something to plug it in between the pages so that they can continue reading from where they stopped.


  1. Satisfaction after completing a book

This is something that only a reader would understand. You feel like you have won a battle when you complete a book. You feel good, happy and satisfied and totally convinced by yourself that you have done a great job.


Well there are many more strange and bizarre habit that readers share but that is what makes them unique. They know what others don’t, and they experience something that other people never will.

Skadoosh guys!

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