7 Things kids teaches us about life

In our day to day life there always has been a point when we come in contact with kids, doesn’t matter whether the kid is related to us or not. But it is fascinating to spend time with them or at least look at them doing their kid stuffs. In that course of time we consciously and subconsciously learn a lot of things about life. The kids teach us a great deal of things only by doing what they can do best. Following are some of the things that kids teach us about life.

  1. Happiness in small things

As adults we feel that being happy is a big and complicated thing to do, as we try to find our happiness into the materialistic things. On the other hand kids have this strange power to find happiness even from the smallest and the simplest of things. This lesson is very important for life, as happiness should take your major part of the day which you can only achieve when you start finding happiness in small and simple things.

  1. Simplicity

As mentioned above being adults our brain is hardwired to think in a complicated way. There is no specific reason to why exactly that happens but eventually as we grow up we start believing that solutions can only appear from complicated thinking. But when we watch kids trying to find out solution to something they always opt for the simplest way first. That teach us that the simplest way is the best way to find a solutions to your problems.

  1. Humanity

As and when we grow, our mind gets more self-centred. We are always thinking about ourselves irrespective of the fact that we are in a position to help other in their welfare. We do not care to spend time doing things for others anymore. However it is pretty different with the kids even in today’s time.  They have a pure heart and they do not hold themselves back from helping someone with whatever they have with them.

  1. Innovation and imaginations

We give up our dreams and innovative ideas that we used to have at some point of time. We get too much busy into work and slowly kill our dreams and expectations from life. But when we see kids giving shape to their imaginations it fills us with new spirit and motivations.

  1. Unconditional love

During our growth as an adult we learn a lot of things from our surroundings, some of which is racism, favouritism and nepotism. On the other hand we do not find these in kids, they have equal love for everybody. They do not care to who the person is, or what is he/she to them, they just know how to love each and every single person equally and this is something even we should learn to follow as adults.

  1. You are never too old

Playing with kids fills you with joy but that takes a little while to start. You first watch a kid play and smile and laugh, then eventually you get happy by his/her happiness and finally you join in with them. That is when you realize you are never too old to be kid again. You are never too old to find happiness in doing silly things and you too deserve to be happy.

  1. Smile no matter what

Kids also have this quality that we as grown-ups should learn from them, which is smiling for no reason at all. We all know how does it feel to smile but we resist us from doing so because we think being serious has something to do with the adulthood which is completely preposterous. Frequently smiling give you a positive vibe and makes your day likable and so your life. So it is good to smile every now and then even if you don’t have a reason to.

Well these are the few things that kids teach us about life, and it is very important to keep in mind that we should also apply that we learn from them.

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