17 Things You Need Not So Work Up About… Calm Down!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all overreact to certain situations in our life. We worry about our job, about finding a right partner and sometimes even about our existence in life. We start to worry about the things that we should not. You need to slow down, relax and breathe and stop worrying so much. Here are 17 things you need not so work up about and calm down.

  1. About where you stand in your life

A little self-assessment is great, but do not keep on scratching your head and worrying about things.  Make your efforts for the things you want, but do not be in hurry and have patience.


  1. Comparing yourself with others

Everyone has their own struggles. You need not be envy of your friend because they are earning better than you. Maybe they are envy of you because you are happier than them.

  1. Thinking about what others think about you

Do the things you like and your life will change! It is important how you see yourself, rather than what other’s think about you.

  1. Worrying about reaching the TOP

There are so many number 1 spots in our life. You cannot conquer them all. There will be people who are better than you, and you will be better than some.


  1. About social media popularity

Try to make difference in your real life and you will realize social media popularity is not that important.

  1. Scared of being single

Just because all your friends have a better half, does not mean you too should rush into it. Find happiness within you.

  1. Scared of not finding the right one

Fall in love with all your heart. Someone out there is perfect for you.


  1. Worrying about why she is not texting back

You need to calm down. He has a life of his own, so he might be busy.

  1. Aiming for size zero

Love yourself inside out, for who you are and you will be happiest.  Focus on becoming healthier.

  1. About the weather

You need to change your perspective towards the weather rather than bashing weather because you will have to deal with the weather anyway.


  1. Being stuck in traffic

You cannot change the traffic situation alone. Use your time; read a book, listen to songs, watch a movie, connect with friends or family. There is so much you can do to save your time.

  1. Asking for hike and not getting it

You are asking for your rights. If your boss does not see it, look for other ways to show him.

  1. Worrying about your ex

It is hard to move on from the relationship, but you got to accept the reality. Stalking your ex on social media or worrying about him will not get him back to you. You need to move on.


  1. Not being invited to the party

Chill, there is nothing to sulk about it. Throw yourself a party if it bothers you so much.

  1. Having serious illness

Every headache is not a sign of brain tumor or every stomach ache is not appendix. Take a deep breath and calm down.

  1. Phobias

Obsessed with your gadgets? Too worried about global warming? Well, either do something about it or stop worrying!

  1. If your partner is cheating on you

Relationships are a gamble. You just make sure that you do not cheat and love your partner through thick and thin.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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