8 *Reasons* Why Couples Grow Apart In The Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

Most of the relationships cannot stand the test of time and start to fall apart. Couples slowly start to grow away and apart from each other. It I not only because love dies, sometimes it is because you love each other but cannot have a future together which is actually stressful. When you fall in love, everything seems perfect and you feel no one can separate you two. And then years down the line, not many people are willing to put in efforts to make things work. And then there comes the time when people start to grow apart in the relationship. Here are 8 reasons why couples grow apart in the relationship.

  1. Intimacy issues

Do you connect with your partner emotionally? Do you share any good or bad news with him? Sex is an important part of any healthy relationship. If there is a lack of sex, or if one of you is trying too hard, then you will get bored with your relationship. Hugs, kisses, touches, holding hands can do wonders in your relationship.


  1. Ego

If in any fight or argument, you do not give in your ego, even when you know that you are wrong, then your ego has become bigger than your relationship. If you treat your partner with silent treatment or avoid him so that he make amendments for his mistakes, then your ego has come between you two and is making you drift apart.

  1. Not taking initiatives

A relationship is healthy and successful when both the partners put in their efforts to make each other happy and please each other. But when you start to take your partner for granted, you grow apart. Take initiative, go on vacations, dates, laugh together and have fun to show how much you love and care your partner. Else, you will grow apart.

  1. Lack of communication

Open and honest communication leads to a healthy relationship. If you lack communication, then it can grow you apart. You might think that you have learned and understood your partner over the years and there is no need for communication anymore, but you need to understand that people change over time and to keep things fresh you need to communicate.


  1. Compatibility issues

This is when you sense that you have nothing in common to bond over that brings you both together. If you feel so over every little thing in your relationship, then it will only make you grow apart. You should have tested your compatibility in the initial stage of the relationship. Do not get into a relationship thinking that you can change your partner.

  1. No emotional bond

When you start to confiding your problems, issues, feelings and emotions with someone else other than your partner, that is when there is the emotional gap between you and your partner that grows you apart. And sometimes your emotional affair turns into the physical affair and there is no coming back.

  1. Suppressing your emotions

When you do not honestly express your feelings to your partner, you start to grow apart even when you love and care for each other. When you suppress your feelings or one of you feels that they are expressing themselves but the other one does not understand, that makes people grow apart.

  1. No time for one another

Though you’re staying under the same roof, yet you are leading your own individual lives. You have got so busy with your life that you do not have time for each other. One day, there will come a point where you don’t need each other for anything. There’s nothing to it but you both growing apart in a relationship.


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