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16 Signs You And Your Boyfriend Are Overly Attached To Each Other!

By- Shreya Sharma

Spending too much of time with your partner or no time with your partner is unhealthy. You neither want to feel suffocated because you know you have other things to do as well nor want to feel least interested. Do not make him your entire life or do not act too disinterested if you wish to have a healthy relationship. Here are 16 signs you and your boyfriend are overly attached to each other.

  1. You freak out when he takes time to reply

You need not freak out if he does not text you back immediately. He needs not to reply you within two seconds. He might be busy.


  1. You want to meet him every day

The urge to talk with him every day is fine, but sometimes it is fine if you have to go out a day without seeing him. You cannot be together constantly.

  1. You want to take your bae to every place you go

Your friends might be nice to allow your boyfriend to tag along. But sometimes, you should go out without him and have a social life of your own.

  1. You cry when he goes

It is okay if you have to spend a week without him. Remember, distance makes the heart grow fonder.


  1. You cannot make decisions without him

It is great if you consult your man before making big decisions. However, asking your man what to eat is the bit too much. You can make such decisions on your own.

  1. You choose him over others

You should not ditch your friends in order to spend time with your man.

  1. He is the only one you care about

Your life is not just about your relationship. Your family, career, and friends too hold importance in your life.


  1. You will not watch TV without him

It is ok to watch certain shows with him. But you are also allowed to watch TV without him.

  1. You turn down opportunities for him

It is unhealthy to turn down party invitations or overtime at work or promotions because you know it will take you away from your partner.

  1. You rely on him

Do not be too dependent on someone for everything. Do not lose your independence.


  1. Your parents are worried

If your friends or family tell you that they are worried about your unhealthy relationship, you should listen to them because they might have a valid point,

  1. You avoid your work

It is a problem if you are neglecting your work so that you can focus on your relationship.

  1. You stay in house

You cannot stay at home every day cuddling with him. You need to step out of your house to live your life.


  1. He pulls you away from your family

You are in an unhealthy relationship if you blindly listen to your man when he asks you to stay away from your family and your friends.

  1. You invite him without asking

If your friends invite you, make sure you ask them if your boyfriend can come along before inviting him on your own.

  1. You shower together

It is fun to shower together once in a while but not on daily basis.


Source –  Tumblr

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