15 Cute Compliments Your Man Secretly Wishes You’d Give More Often!

By- Shreya Sharma

Not only women but men too crave for compliments. The ways it can make you feel appreciated, the same way it can make your man feel appreciated and boost their confidence. We often get compliments, but for boys, it is something that rarely blesses them. They will never ask you for compliments but they will love you more when you rather than keeping your thoughts about how great he is, say them loud to him. This also shows that you are not self-centered which adds to your personality. Here are 15 cute compliments your man secretly wishes you would give more often.

  1. You are handsome!

It might sound cliché but this is the compliment your man will love to hear. Instead of calling your man hot or cute, call him handsome because it is not only about their physical appearance. Saying they are handsome is elegant and adds to the conversation.


  1. You are really hitting the gym!

Men want to feel manly and according to them, for that, they need to hit the gym. If your guy has started going to the gym, he will want you to notice it and the efforts he is putting up for you. Let him know that you like the changes and it will motivate him to keep working which will also ensure a healthy life for him.

  1. She is checking you out

The way you enjoy when men look at you, the same way your man enjoy when a girl checks them out. It is not just women looking at him, but also that you say it a=out loud. It kind of reassures them about how they look. You will get the extra point for your courage to say it loud because your man knows that this is something you will never like.

  1. You know how to make me smile!

Your man wants to make you laugh and you should appreciate his efforts. Tell him that he can make you smile even on the bad days and smile to increase the effect. He will know that he is doing his job right. He will feel better about himself and make sure that he makes you smile always.


  1. I love how motivated and focused you are

Let your man know that you believe in him. Man wants someone who can support them and their ideas. Tell him that you believe in him and he will feel that he can do anything. Tell him that he is great at his work and that is why it is easy for him to get this new job.

  1. I cannot stop smiling when I am around you

If your guy has a great sense of humor and the kind of humor you can accept, then compliment him for his humor. He will love it that you accept his sense of humor and he can make you smile.

  1. I am so proud of you

If you have been together for quite some time, then you should let them know that you are proud of him. This will mean more than ‘I love you’ or ‘I trust you’.


  1. I like your friends. They are great

If you have met his friends, and you hang out with them often, you know they would have shared with your man about what they feel for you, which may or may not affect his feelings for you. Your positive comment can change things a lot. Plus it is like complimenting him as well because your friends define you.

  1. You look good even when tired

You just need the right timing to compliment your man in this manner. Compliment your man when he is tired, to make him smile and show your concern.

  1. I feel safe with you!

Men feel like they have to protect the people around them. So, tell your man how safe you feel when he is around you. This not only refers to his physical strength but also to his personality and the role of a protector. Let him protect you even when you do not really need protection and he will feel great about himself.


  1. I like your music taste

If you like the music they listen, make sure that they know about this. He can be shy while sharing his playlist with you out of the fear that you may not like it, but when you appreciate his taste in music, it will be more valuable for him.

  1. I respect you

Men want respect and they often withdraw when they do not get the respect they want. Show him that you focus on him and he is your priority. Give him the positivity he craves for.

  1. Thank you

It is easy to overlook the small gestures and efforts he makes for you. But instead of overlooking, thank him for the smallest of his efforts. Thank him when he holds the door for you or makes you coffee just the way you like it. Tell him how much you appreciate his efforts and how it makes you feel.


  1. I am on your side

Look for ways to let your partner know that you are on his side always. Show your loyalty by standing by his side when he feels the world is against him. Show him that you value what he values. It will add to the teamwork, security, and intimacy of your relationship.

  1. I trust you

You might feel the trust but you hardly communicate about it. It is the time to say it out loud that you trust your man. The best time to say this is before or during sex.


Source – Tumblr

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