12 Amazing Ways *Sex* Changes After MARRIAGE!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your sex life changes post marriage. And no, marriage does not take out happiness and excitement from your sex life. There will be happy and gloomy days, and you need to accept both sides of your married sexual life. People think of marriage as a license to have sex and they also think that it kills your sexual life after a while. Here are 12 amazing ways sex changes after marriage.

  1. Vacations for sex

Take a vacation from your hectic life and leave your babies and relatives behind just to spend some great time with your man. Behave like a teen and roam around like you are crazy passionately in love kind of couple. Go wild with each other like it is your first time.


  1. Barter system

You start to barter sex for the household chores that need to be done. Ask your partner to do the dishes or take the trash out and reward him with hot oil massage or shower session or anything that turn into a love making the session.

  1. Dry days

Since now you can have sex all time which will bring down the anxiety level and you can even have dry days. Do not expect yours each sexual encounter to be as crazy as it used to be earlier. Work on to get your partner in the mood.

  1. Baby making session

Once you are married, sex will be your priority and you will have lots of wild passionate nights and days. But after all this, you will pressurize yourself for the baby making process. But you need to learn to go easy on each other rather than just focusing on the baby.


  1. Quickies

Once you have babies, you are so busy with them, changing their nappies and feeding them, that you have to learn to manage quickies as and when possible. But you also need to make time for long passionate sessions.

  1. You are exclusively for one another

Now, that you are married, you know no other person will have sex with your partner. You will feel closer while having sex. You will feel “he is totally mine, and he wants me to be his only.”

  1. You are more confident

You know your man will not call things off with you about trying something different or saying no to something. This will boost your confidence and you will be more confident about your body your performance and you will enjoy it more.


  1. It is okay not to be at your best

When you start dating, you feel pressurized to be at your best all time. But once you are married, you will be comfortable in your sweats and you are still going to turn it into a sexy time. You are comfortable with the way you are.

  1. Sex as a tool

After years of a married life, you have sex to feel close and connected. You can do it just to satisfy your need without any romance. You do it to get pregnant. You can use it to analyze how things are going in your life.

  1. You can try new things

It is all because of the confidence boost. You feel the sexual freedom to try every kinky fantasy you ever had.  You will feel more comfortable trying new things.


  1. Sex arguments are normal

When you are married, you actually argue with your partner about sex, like if you partner gets shot down, or does something that is not even funny. You can have arguments if one of you has higher sex drives.

  1. It gets better over time

The longer you are together, the better it gets. You now focus on quality rather than quantity and you understand one another likes and dislikes in bed.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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