17 Reasons You Can’t Possibly Solve All His Problem!

By- Shreya Sharma

When our partner runs into a problem, it is natural that we try to help them solve their problem. But sometimes, our partner does not want us to solve their problem or help them with their problem. They just want us to be there with them. You need to understand that you cannot solve all of your partner’s problems. Here are 17 reasons you cannot possibly be able to solve all his problems.

  1. It is just their problem sometimes

We all have problems. Let them have their problems and feel their feelings.


  1. You cannot take his problems as your own

You have your own problems, he has his own. He does not want to put his problems on you.

  1. Stress your relationship

It will stress you both which will stress your relationship.

  1. It can hamper your relationship

It can paralyze your relationship and this is the last thing you want.


  1. You are your own person

You have your own problem and you need to take care of your own problem.

  1. They should figure it out on their own

If you keep on fixing his problems, he will never know how to do his things on his own.

  1. You cannot fix others

You are not equipped to fix anybody if you are not dealing them professionally.


  1. It can make you both unhappy

You both can be happy for so many reasons.

  1. You need to understand when they want to talk about their problems

Sometimes, your partner may want your opinion and help. But you need to first listen to them rather acting as a fixer.

  1. Sometimes you need to push them

If your partner needs a little push, figure out where, when and how to push.


  1. You need to step down to help them grow

You might feel that you are being rude, but you are helping them in a disguised manner.

  1. They are not programmed to handle their problems the way you do

You are two different people, so do not expect your partner to do the things your way.

  1. You cannot change people

You cannot change people unless they want to change.


  1. If you keep trying to solve their problem, it can make you both feel miserable

You get frustrated, you both feel demotivated and resentment builds, and this is not good for your relationship.

  1. Let them find their way

They will do it.

  1. They can choose the hard way

Sometimes, people fail to succeed.

  1. Be supportive, but do not be over bearing

Your partner just needs to know that you are standing there with him.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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