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15 Adorable Things That Happen When You Start Your Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

Initial days of your relationship are the best days and that is why we call this time to be ‘honeymoon period’. We are always super excited and have the butterflies fluttering in our stomach. They are always in our mind and we cannot stop thinking about them or associate them with anything and everything we do. The first conversation, looking into his eyes, holding his hand for the first time and every other sweet yet awkward feeling makes your heart skip a bit. Here are 15 adorable things that happen when you start your relationship.

1. When there is a constant smile on your face for no reason at all. And when you realize that you are smiling alone, you smile even more.


2. When you freak out slightly while sending the message that conveys how you feel about them. You hold your breath and pray to get a favorable reply.

3. You unconsciously yet frequently talk about him with your friends and this makes you happy.

4. You learn how to kiss and hug someone new. You might have some odd situations initially but now your body adjusts according to his body automatically.


5. The first time you call him your ‘boyfriend’ and he does not correct you. That is when you breathe with relief.

6. You find out about them religiously. You want to know everything about them, their favorite color, favorite subject, their hopes and dreams and everything.

7. Feeling nervous about what you look when you see them. You know he likes you no matter what you wear, but you still want to put in your efforts to look good for them.


8. The first them when he said something really cute about you both, you hold it tight in your heart even if it was nothing that deep but it had you both together.

9. Posting the first picture of you two together on social media. You will be nervous of your act, but this is cute and you should do it.

10. The first time he buys you things just the way you like them and you realize that he pays attention to your hobbies and habits and care enough to remember them.


11. The first time you go to their apartment is terrifying for you both. You put in your best behavior even if you have to ask for a glass of water. And you will hold yourself from asking all his stories from that place.

12. When you smell and recognize their perfume somewhere in public and turn around only to realize that they are not there. This is one heartbreaking yet comforting feeling.

13. The first time you meet one another’s friends or family is nerve-wrecking. But this feeling turns into satisfaction when their friends or family approve you. It is like you get a seal of approval.


14. The first time you both apologize after your first fight. You know this is something that can make or break your relationship.

15. And then you finally feel relaxed enough to really enjoy it and yourself and it is still new and wonderful and exciting and everything can only get better from here.


Source –  Tumblr

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