17 Love Cliché Advice That Is Harmful To You And Him!

By- Shreya Sharma

Love is something overly explained and still most misunderstood feeling. We confuse it with every other feeling, with the feeling of infatuation, with the feeling of lust and many more other feelings. These rom coms have majorly affected the feeling of love and have fed us with so many clichés. Not only rom coms but also these novels and people around us make us feel that these clichés are the basis of the relationship. They become a standard and we look to meet these standards destroying our relationship. Here are 17 love cliché advice that is harmful to you and him.

  1. You do not have to say ‘you are sorry’

When you truly love someone, you apologize to them when you hurt their feelings. This is the least you can do.


  1. Love conquers everything

Love is not enough. Your relationship cannot survive if you both want different things out of life even though you love each other.

  1. Opposites attract

Having different personalities can be problematic because you will not have anything in common to talk about or you will not be having the same interest to go on date.

  1. Say no to sex on the first date

Just do what you are comfortable with. If you are comfortable sleeping with someone on the first date, then go for it.


  1. Follow your instinct

Your gut is not always right. There should be a reason behind your action. Do not take every decision based on your instinct; you can end up making the wrong decision.

  1. You had me at hello

You might like people when you meet them, but you cannot love them. Love takes the time to develop.

  1. Actions speak louder than words

Sometimes words are more important. Tell your partner how much you love them, else they might feel neglected.


  1. Do not judge a book by its cover

True, you should not judge someone by their looks. But you can spot a player when you see them because of their personality.

  1. Love like you have never been hurt

The pain and hurt you have experience in your past are important, you should not hold it but you should also not forget the lessons you learned.

  1. It comes when you least expect it

You need to put in your efforts to get something. It is okay to search for a guy.


  1. Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Distance might even pull you apart. As they say, ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

  1. Everything happens for a reason

Coincidence happens. Bumping into your ‘ex’ does not mean you should get back together. You parted your ways for a reason.

  1. Men should pay the bills

You too can pay the bills if you want to. You are capable enough to pick the tab and pay the bill.


  1. Love is blind

Do not look for a man who is flawless. Or do not date a man even when you are not attracted towards him.

  1. Love the one you are with

If you do not love the person you are with, you can leave them. You are not forced to love someone because you just cannot.

  1. If you ask yourself if you are in love, then you are not

If you have never felt it before, it is normal for you to ask yourself if you are in love.

  1. Do not kiss on the first date

You can kiss him whenever you want. There is no rule to it.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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