8 Signs That Tells You Are His Option… Not His Priority!

By- Shreya Sharma

When we are dating someone, we want them to be fully committed to us. For your partner, you should be the most important person and not just another person in their life. In a relationship, being someone’s priority feels one of the happiest things that can happen to you. Priorities are all of the importance and if you are your man’s priority, he can drop anything just to be with you, especially in the need of the hour. Here are 8 ways that tell you are his option and not his priority.

  1. He plans everything at last minute.

Being spontaneous is fun but not always. If all your plans are last minute, it means your boyfriend has nothing better to do and that is why all your plans are last minute and he is not prioritizing you.


  1. You initiate plans

In a relationship, both the people involved should put equal efforts. If it is always you putting in more efforts than your guy then you have the problem. Take it as a try that he does not even care enough to try.

  1. They find excuses

Not always things can perfectly as you planned and you might cancel up your plans. But if you man constantly back out at last minute, then it is the time you evaluate your relationship. If a person is reliable, it shows that they care.

  1. The things between you are physical

If your relationship is centered on physical aspects, then it is one big sign that your relationship lacks commitment and care. If he only wants to hang out with you in bed, then he is probably using you. You are a priority if your guy wants to spend time with you in all ways and all places.


  1. They seem disinterested

People who remember things are usually the best. It shows that the other person takes the genuine interest in my life. If your conversations are all about them and they forget important things about you. Then it is a sign that they do not care about you.

  1. He is not thoughtful

Relationships are not about gifts, but small gifts show that the person thinks about you. If your guy does not even remember your important dates and days, then it could be because he does not care about you.

  1. You feel lonely

When you are in a relationship, you have one constant person to hang out with. If you feel that you are single even when you have the boyfriend, then it could be because you are not important to him.


  1. You make excuses for him

If you keep on justifying your man’s behavior and making excuses on his behalf then you should know you are not his priority at all.

Source –  Tumblr

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