20 Changes You Should Make In Your Lifestyle In 20’s For Great Life!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your 20s does not mean you are young and energetic but it demands a balance between that energy and practicality because you know this is the time of your life where you got to make some life changing decisions. This phase will have most exciting times of your life, from all those fun and frolic and adventure with friends to your first job and career building and buying your own home maybe!! This is your age of experiences and experiments; you can travel, night outs, night stays, dates and your job seeking mission and a lot more. Here are 20 changes you should make in your lifestyle in 20’s for great life.

  1. Exercise

With these hectic busy schedules and deadlines in office, we hardly get time to stay active. We are swaying from home to office or office to party to home. Being active and adding exercise into your daily routine will help you get time for yourself and prevent you from many possible diseases like heart attack, diabetes, obesity.


  1. Save

Saving is going to help you long run. Keep the financial sensibility in mind and keep aside at least 10% of your income into your saving zone and with the rest you can party, travel or shop, if you want to!!

  1. Do not take money as your sole motivation

Do not look for things that will assure you more money, of course people want that but this is the age of experimentation. Follow what you are passionate about. This is the best time to take risks. Take money as a result of your outcome and not your goal.

  1. Protect your skin

You are young and you still have that healthy glow on your skin. But you know how aging affects our skin, so start protecting your skin by now only. Do not sleep with makeup on and do not forget to use sunscreen.

  1. Travel

This is the best time to explore the places and invest into memories. You do not have family obligations as of now and you are young and capable to travel around. Explore places and know different culture and people.


  1. Care of your teeth

You just have the same set if teeth for your complete life, they are not going anywhere so it is better you start taking care of them. You can at least brush twice a day and gargle after you eat something. It can become a major trouble if you ignore them.

  1. Set your standards

This is your age to be young and carefree and this might make you fall in the trap of partners who will not contribute much to your life. Learn from your past mistakes and do not settle for a person who holds you back from living your life to the fullest.

  1. Eat healthy

Alcohol is toxin. So drink wisely and rehydrate your body so as to avoid crazy hangovers. Eat healthy and make conscious beverage decisions that will lessen the effect of alcohol. Try to include natural and healthier food options in your diet and avoid junk food that only brings toxin into your body.

  1. Lessen your tech dependency

This is the age where we are highly dependent on our gadgets. We cannot step out without our phones and are always busy on one or another gadget.  If you are in this category, lessen to keep your phone aside and make real connections.

  1. Say no to drama

You are grown up enough to know what you want and you should not settle for anything less than you deserve. Spend your energy and time on productivity and growth, and cut off from people who drain your energy.

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  1. Learn to forgive

We learn from our mistakes and same is with others. Learn to accept rejection and heart break because this is something you cannot control but learn from these and grow.

  1. Less of busy and more of productive

Learn to manage your time. Do not wait your time in things that are unnecessary, but keep your focus on being effective and productive and doing things in half of the time.

  1. Be courageous

This is the best time to take risks and experience adventure. You are young and free, have the courage to face your fears and take risks. You never know what leads you where!

  1. Learn!!

Take out time from your busy schedule to learn some new skills; it can be anything like cooking classes or something you always wanted to learn. Before thinking of getting married and starting a family, start a hobby and learn something new.

  1. Set goals and priorities

You might think this is just the starting phase and you have enough time to think about responsibilities. No!! Set your goals now and start taking small steps to achieve them.


  1. Slow down

You may be busy and juggling with things in your life; be it your career, your dating life, your independent life, your family or your friends. There will be a lot happening in your life, but you need to stop, take a deep breath and slow down. Live your life on your own pace.

  1. Self-awareness and Self-knowledge

Learn new things about yourself every day because this is the best time to know yourself and know what you want and what makes you happy. Seize the opportunities and moments to grow to the zenith.

  1. Know what is right and what is wrong

It is okay to make mistakes but learn to take responsibility for your actions. Learn to apologize and how to make amendments for your actions. You are no more a kid, learn to take responsibilities.

  1. Do not compare yourself to others

Do not measure yourself against others else you will never appreciate yourself. Everyone has different story and you are your own independent self. Create your own story.

  1. Appreciate your true friends

With the passage of time, you will come across many people. Some will be genuine, while others will be there for a purpose. Appreciate the genuine ones instead of wasting your time on those who just let you down.


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