14 Things You MUST Know To Experience *True* Love!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all wonder what true love is and how are we going to know if we have fallen in true love or not. We all want to treat our partner with utmost love and care, but somewhere we fall and lack in our efforts. To give utmost respect to our partner, we have to conduct ourselves in a kind manner in every stressful circumstance. Here are 14 things you should know to experience true love.

  1. It is about being patient

Love has no time frame. When you love someone, you have to be patient to let them make their own decisions. Love can only grow when both partners are in and you do not have to push your partner to make decisions. You need to respect your partner’s and their boundaries. You do not have to pressurize your partner to do things.


  1. It is about being kind

You need to be kind to one another. This is difficult to be kind when you are angry, but you have to keep yourself at their place to be kind. You need to understand from where they are coming from and should not say things that you do not mean. Sometimes, you need to put your partner’s feelings ahead of yours.

  1. It is about not about proud

It is okay to feel proud of your accomplishments, but you should not be proud of doing the basic things that you are supposed to do. When you see playing your part in the relationship as the favor, you are doing the things for the wrong reason. When you are in love, you do not do things because you are obliged to, you do things because you want to.

  1. It is about not being jealous

It is easy to feel jealous of one’s success. But when you love, you need to understand that you are a team and one’s success means, success for you both. When you are in love, you work towards the similar goal. Love is about celebrating their success rather than being envy.


  1. It is about not to brag

When you are in love, it is okay to feel accomplished and proud, but it is not talking about how wonder you are or how you are doing right. You just need to be kind and respectful towards each other.

  1. It is not about disrespecting others

You cannot disrespect your partner. You cannot make fun of them or make them feel less. Respect the fact that you both are in a relationship. Respect your partner’s needs, success, and failure.

  1. It is not self-seeking

When you are in love, you are not just one person, sometimes you have to put other person’s needs above your needs. Sacrifice is a part of being in love.


  1. It is about not being easily angry

Life is a rollercoaster and there are some days when it is hard to control your anger. Being anger does not solve the problem; instead, it just makes it hard to communicate. When you love someone, you have to be compassionate. You need to put things on hold sometimes so that you can calm down before you act aggressively.

  1. It is not about keeping a record of wrongs

Love is to forgive and forget. When you are in love, you do not have to keep a count of the things your partner did wrong or how many times you made sacrifices. It is not about deciding who is better or worse when you are in the fight.

  1. It is about protecting

Love is when you feel the urge to protect the one you love in physical and emotional forms. Protect them when your family or friends are talking bad about them. Love is about protecting the person and their soul.


  1. It is about rejoicing in truth

It is not about feeling happy being right or rejoicing about the bad times that result in you being right. You cannot make decisions for their life. They know the truth of the situation.

  1. It is about hopes

Love is about always hoping for the best even in the worst of situations. Love does not come with conditions. When you love someone, you have to hold on and hope that they will make the right decision and the hope that love you guide you to the right track.


  1. It is about preservers

Love keeps us going even through the hard times.  Love is the thing that allows us to survive and thrive. Without love, life is empty. Love knows that there is always someone out there protecting, trusting, and believing in us.

  1. It is about trust

Love is about trusting someone enough that you can be vulnerable with them by letting them know your weakness and failings. You need to trust your partner that they will never intentionally try to harm you.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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