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10 Signs Your Boyfriend Can’t Handle Your Confidence!

By- Shreya Sharma

You are the strong powerful woman and you are proud of it. You know there are guys who cannot handle your confidence and awesomeness. But who cares? You live your life the way you want to. Here are 10 signs your boyfriend cannot handle your confidence.

  1. He is intimated by you

He is intimated when you show your confidence and when you are unapologetically yourself. He might insult you or try to show himself as superior to you. And he will say that he is acting small because you are being pathetic.


  1. He cannot handle your personality

Your personality is what makes people love to be around you.  But this man cannot handle your personality and says that your ego is too big. He will try to make you feel low, but it will not work for you.

  1. He thinks that you should follow the societal expectations

You know the long list of do’s and do not’s that society has for women, but you do not confine yourself in them. You do and wear what you want. But this man is afraid of your fashion sense.

  1. He is baffled when you demand respect

You speak your mind. You are not afraid to tell him what you dislike or the way you want him to treat you. He will call you names and throw tantrums when you demand respect. You should better wait for someone who will respect you.


  1. Your “No” offends him

You can say ‘no’ to the things that you do not want or that do not stick in your life. You do not care how people will react to your ‘no’. You are confident and strong enough to walk away from a man who gets offended.

  1. He gets shocked with the choice of your words

You speak your mind and you are not afraid to call a spade- a spade. You say what you want to say, and if this freaks him out, you can walk away strong.

  1. For him, you are too emotional

If he blames your emotional stage, he does not deserve you. You embrace your emotions because you know it is a part of your life. You are not afraid to put your emotions on display or to cry when you want to. If he is freaked out, it is better to leave him.


  1. He gets weird when you are PMSing

We all go through emotional roller coaster and our hormones are playing with our senses. We feel sick and have awful cramps. If your guy disappears around the time of your period, get rid of him.

  1. For him, feminism is a bad word

Feminism means that you believe in equality of sexes. You fight for yourself and other girls. If he makes fun of feminism and laughs at you, he cannot handle you. If for him, equality holds no importance, he should not hold any importance to you.

  1. He gets uncomfortable when you lead

You love yourself and present yourself as you are. You like to take the lead rather than following the man. A guy who can’t handle your awesomeness will be offended by you attempting to lead the way. This is when you better leave him.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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