15 Things Guys Want In Their Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

Guys are bad with showcasing their emotions. They do not talk about their feelings, but everyone has something they want from their relationship but will never tell you about. Nowadays, it is hard to make a relationship last long, it is mainly because we do not easily understand what our partner wants. As they say, not the only man, even woman cannot read mind always and need some clear verbal words over things to make us understand what they really want in a relationship. Here are 15 things guys want in their relationship.

  1. Mutual respect

No relationships will ever last if you think that your guy is beneath you. When in the relationship, the people involved are always equals.  


  1. Real connection

Man wants to establish a real connection and not a fling. The real connection is better for a long lasting happy relationship.

  1. Being close, still giving him his personal space

The couple needs to be chill else even small things turn into heated arguments. Give your man his personal space so that you both can have independent identities as well.

  1. Being spontaneous and a little crazy

The girl should be able to make him laugh. They want the girl to be spontaneous and crazy to make his man laugh.


  1. Having a good taste in music

When you have a good taste in music which may or may not matches his, you can have a better life.

  1. Not being judgmental

When in the relationship, guys want to be themselves around their girl. And it sucks if they cannot be who they are just because of what the girl thinks.

  1. Have fun in bedroom

They want you to be interested in trying new things in bed as it keeps a relationship fresh.


  1. To love them for who they are

A guy tries his best to groom himself so that he can impress his girl. He even changes the things that his girl does not like him. But still, he wants to be loved for who he really is.

  1. Comforting him in bad situations

Guys do not show their weakness, but still, they feel bad and need someone to be their pillar of strength. Be their support during tough times.

  1. Try to share his interests

Opposites attract for sure. But having a mutual interest is powering. Try to make efforts to share his interest.


  1. To be pampered

Guys like to act manly and pamper their sweetheart, but they also love to be pampered. Give him a surprise gift, a relaxing massage or any such thing. He will appreciate your gestures.

  1. Support him when someone puts him down

A guy feels stronger when you are by his side and can fight with the world then.

  1. Retro romance

Sometimes knowing yourself and being ladylike is all a guy needs from you.


  1. Having open channels of communication

Man cannot read minds, so instead of dropping subtle hints, it is better you talk about things freely. Say things straight to his face instead of going for a long process.

  1. Lower your insecurities

We all have certain insecurities but it is better to keep them in control. Insecurities are stupid and petty.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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