16 Sizzling Foreplay Ideas That Your Man Will Love You For!

By- Shreya Sharma

Foreplay is fun and foreplay is exciting. It is the half fun of having sex. Foreplay has its own importance before sex; it builds a deeper lovely of understanding and makes you comfortable with one another. Plus directly getting into action without being hot and heavy breathed and turned on is never fun. Make it a must to have foreplay before sex and add up spice to your foreplay session with some sizzling hot games. Here are 16 sizzling foreplay ideas that your man will love you for.

1. Use your hands

Move your hands all over him, this slow and tantalizing touch will make him turn on. Give him a sensuous massage, nail strokes and pinches to add up more to his pleasure.


2. Trick him

Kiss him and touch him around his upper thigh and lower belly as it is one of the sensitive areas of a man’s body apart from his penis. It will excite him more to think your mouth to be near his manhood. When his body tense up and you know he is right there, shift your focus to some other thing and place and tease his threshold.

3. Naked truth

If you feel sexy and comfortable, your body language will speak it. You naked is best gift you can give to your man. Do not dim the lights and allow him to have a look at you naked in full lights. Do not kill this because you think you are little fat or something. For your man you are more than perfect. So flaunt your body.


4. Drop the clues and hints

Before he leaves for the office, drop him hints about how the night will be sexy like put in a scarf with a sexy note like we will use this tonight.

5. Strip tease

Push him on to the bed and start the fun. Put on some sexy music and move slowly to its beat while making eye contact with your man. Remove each single cloth off your body slowly and separately, allowing him sneak peek. While removing panties play it real slow to get him high and panting.


6. Play with tongues

While sipping the drink, use the tongue to cushion the edge of the glass. That little glimpse of your tongue will start his imagination.

7. Time for some shower

Switch on the shower to get him into the mood after a long day at work. Lit scented candles to add to the mood and cold running water will steam up the things.


8. Lap dance

Just sit on the lap and start aligning your private part with his, shifting your weight every now and then. He will be amused enough to not let you ever go off his lap.

9. Play with ice

Whenever and wherever you can have ice cubes, suck them and see his surprised reaction when he watches you.

10. Whisper naughty things

When you are out on a movie date, whisper sweet nothings into your man’s ear while watching movie. Your warm breath will tickle his nerve endings and will make him feel hot.

11. Get it wild

Instead of going slow, opt for the wild act. It will turn him on to see you get wild. He will take it as a sign of lust and that you are into him as much as he is into you.


12. Add a scent to it

Use aromatic flavored massage oils to spice things up. Slowly rub it on his body and let him return the favor too. Then lick it off each other. It will smell amazing and you smelling great and looking shinny and slicked will get him going.

13. Kitchen hotness

Cook with your man or for him. Ask your man to tie the apron around your waist. And the things will turn into fun because he will be more interested in undressing you.

14. Leave him breathless

Let your lips linger on his body and then slowly exhale, this rush of hot air will cause change in the temperature of his body and get him aroused.


15. Play hard to get

While doing household chores, drop him the hints that you are in the mood. Use little gestures, intense kisses and stares as your medium to convey your message and then pretend like nothing special happened. Let him seduce you.

16. Dirty dancing

Forget about any steps or tricks. They are meant to show off on the dance floor. Reduce it to two bodies moving in sync to some very romantic track and take in the feeling of your heating up bodies being so close to each other.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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