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17 *Sexy* Truth And Dare Questions To Ask Your Partner!

By- Shreya Sharma

If you do not feel like stepping out of your home with your bae, and yet you want to have fun, then you better stick to the age old fun game ‘Truth or Dare’. All you need to do is, ask right type of questions and give sexy dares. Make your game a bit naughty and sexual and you will have a blast. Here is 17 sexual truth and dare to ask your partner.

  1. I dare you to “Give me the best lap dance”

It will be a fun little test and see how good he is at grinding his hips and body against you.


  1. Tell me the truth “What turns you on the most?”

Whatever it is, give him a peek-a-boo.

  1. I dare you to “Unhook my bra with one hand”

Men have troubles with the bra. So, ask him to unhook and remove your bra using one hand.

  1. Tell me the truth “The craziest place you have ever had sex”

If you are not jealous of his past, this will turn to be one interesting and fun question.


  1. I dare you to “Remove an item of clothing”

Either tell him the item you want him to remove, or let him decide on what he wants to remove.

  1. Tell me the truth “The place where you want to have sex, that we have not tried before”

You will know this way, how to surprise him the next time.

  1. I dare you to “Give me a sexy compliment”

Let’s see how dirty he can get with the compliment.


  1. Tell me the truth “The place you want to have sex in public”

You will know where to get frisky with him next time. Or if you both think about the same place, you can dare him next to go down to that place and get it done.

  1. I dare you to “turn me on as quick as possible”

See, what his moves are to turn you on immediately. Maybe he will kiss your neck or your genitals or where whatever be the place, you are sure to have fun.

  1. Tell me the truth “The cloth in which you want to see me”

And you will know, what he likes to see you wearing, and you can wear that often.


  1. I dare you to “Close your eyes and picture me naked”

This will turn him on without you putting any efforts.

  1. Tell me the truth about “The worst sex you have ever had”

Everyone has some bad experiences, but again you need to make sure that you will be comfortable with the story.

  1. I dare you to “Say my name in the sexiest of your voice”

This might turn you on to hear your man say your name in the sexiest of his voice.


  1. Tell me the truth “What do you want me to do to you later?”

This is his chance to talk about his fantasy.  He can tell you exactly what he wants you to do to him.

  1. I dare you to “Touch yourself in the most pleasing manner”

It will be funny to watch your man touching himself.

  1. Tell me the truth “The kinkiest thing that crossed your mind recently”

Just hope it involves you, otherwise he will be in big trouble.

  1. I dare you to “Give me oral”

After this, the game will be over and you will be indulged in more intense things.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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