15 Reasons Being Married Is Actually Better Than You Know!

By- Shreya Sharma

Marriage holds great importance in our country and often the most debatable issue between parents and their kids. We often hear people talking about why not to get married or what all you should do instead of getting married. We have our own reasons not to get married and even the valid ones. We do not wish to lose our freedom or do not wish to restrict ourselves or do not find the perfect match. But is marriage really that horrible event that we run away from it? Marriage can actually be good and a great decision you can take in your life. Here are 15 reasons being married is actually better than you know.

  1. You have someone to share everything

When you live with someone, you learn to live in a new space and understand that marriage is about each other. What earlier used to be ‘mine’ is now ‘ours’. Everything belongs to you both and you will love this sharing.


  1. You can laugh together in the ups and downs

Life has ups and downs, but when you are married, you have someone to make through it.  They can make you laugh like no one else. You can sit and see how far you have come together and laugh at those serious stress times.

  1. You have a shopping partner

Your partner will be the one you will look for anyway. You will be the best thing that ever happened to him. He will be honest with what’s hot and what’s not. He will be there with you hopping for hours without any complaints. You will learn about each other’s personality, likes and dislikes, fashion sense and every other thing. You know they will do the things that other will never do for you.

  1. You raise your child

It is your responsibility to raise your child with morals and values that will sustain them throughout their life. You together identify the things that are best for your child and create opportunities for them to carry the mission of your family.


  1. You keep on learning about your partner

People may advise you to date the man for three to four years before getting married to know them. But you cannot know them more in the time span of three to four years as compared to lifetime you will spend together once you are married. Every day you will learn something new about your man.

  1. You know them for who they really are

As a married couple, you got to see the side of your partner that no one knows. Others may see only the surface of you and find you appealing for the way you dress up, but your man will know your early morning look and morning breath and will love you even then.

  1. You are honest with each other

You know trust is the basic foundation of any relationship. you maintain honesty and integrity because you know you have to make decisions where both the parties agree.


  1. You date your partner every day

Your marriage does not mean you should stop dating; instead, it should increase and get better. You should be spontaneous and date each other every day. Surprise your man and visit some new places for lunch or hang out.

  1. You solve problems together

We all have heard two is better than one. In marriage, not only one person gets to deal with the problem. You are together to solve the problem and it takes off the weight and stress from one person. You can see the problem from different perspectives.

  1. You work to keep the flame alive

You keep on working to make them feel attracted towards you. You work to make them chase you and spice up things in your married life. You are ready for role play, foreplay or anything to keep things alive.


  1. You find out the true purpose of marriage

You know you have to hold each other and defend your marriage always. You know it will last forever and you both have to put in efforts.

  1. You know it is a two-way street

Giving is the ultimate sacrifice. It comes from the heart and shows you are selfless. There’s no “I” and “my” but “us” and “we”. When you give to your spouse, it comes from a healthy place and you know what is yours belongs to your man as well. No other person gets that privilege quite like your spouse.

  1. You work as a team

Your partner will comfort you, support you and celebrate your accomplishments. You will always work together in harmony.


  1. You get to spend your life with your best friend

What else you can ask for if your man is your best friend and you can have all the fun.

  1. You experience deeper intimacy

You get occupied with your life; job schedule, kids, cooking, chores, and everything that sex may be the last on the list. However, in between, you manage to find the time to talk, hug, kiss and show emotions and be vulnerable. This shows your care for each other.


Source –  Tumblr

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