17 Things You Should Never Turn Down In The Bedroom!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you are in the bedroom, holding on to the passion is hard but sometimes, your certain decisions can kill the mood and moment. Do not be the one to ruin your sex experience for the night, or maybe for life. Here are 17 things you should never turn down in the bedroom.

  1. Turning down a condom request

If one of you wants to use the condom and the other one does not want to use it, then it is better that either you agree to use condom or do not have sex at that time.


  1. Say No to the use of two condoms

A double condom does not mean double protection. Friction can result in the breaking of the condom which might result in both condoms will be of no use.

  1. Skipping foreplay

Women take it longer than men to get turned on. So, it is important to engage in a healthy foreplay act to get ready for the main event.

  1. Allow him a light hair pull

If your man can pull your hair in the right manner, it will take you a minute to feel the right senses.


  1. Answering phone during sex

Do not answer your phone in the heat of the moment because it will be a huge turn off for your partner because he is trying to satisfy you in the moment. Just do not answer the phone.

  1. Do not moan wrong names

Do not call out the name of your ex/ crush/ celebrity during sex because it will be the huge turn off for your man and you will be assured to have a gloomy night.

  1. Do not be too quiet

You need to communicate your needs and wants through your words and moans and groans and it is sure to make the situation sexier.


  1. Do not avoid the post oral kiss

You are not mature if the thought of kissing post sex gross you out. It is one of the most intimate ways to express your love.

  1. Do not go too rough with each other

Communicate if your man is being too hard on his hands or any other body part on you. Your man too should do this if you go a little too tight.

  1. Do not forget to kiss during sex

Kissing is the most intimate thing you can share. So do not shy away and kiss your partner during the act to make things even better.


  1. Do not fake it

Do not fake an orgasm as your man will never know if you are satisfied or not. Guide your man to get the most satisfaction.

  1. Do not focus on your pleasure only

Do not just focus on your pleasure over your partner’s because it will kill the essence of connection that sex forms.

  1. Do not cross your kink boundaries

It is better you discuss the boundaries before getting started with a kinky act. Because if your man crosses the boundaries, it will only make you feel uncomfortable and you will not be able to enjoy the experience.


  1. Do not skip lube if one of you wants it

Using a little lube to get things going is never wrong. If one of you wants to use the lube, then go for it.

  1. Do not shy away from post workout sex

You are all sweaty and might not feel like having sex, but the release of endorphins in post exercise workout is going to make you feel amazing.

  1. Do not carry on if you want to stop over there

Your partner wants you to be involved too. So, if you pass that moment, let your partner know so that he can close the act.

  1. Do not say never

Communication is the key to best sex. Talk with your partner and give-and-take suggestions.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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