15 Spicy Things You Can Do In Your Long Term Relationship… Beyond Bedroom!

By- Shreya Sharma

You do not only have to spice up things in the bedroom when it comes to a relationship, you can even spice up things outside the bedroom. Your long-term relationship may turn pale and boring because it is been so long that you are together and this might even make you feel being disinterested in your relationship. Well, your relationship is beyond the bedroom, so you should make your efforts to spice up things outside the relationship. Here are 15 spicy things you can do in your long term relationship beyond the bedroom.

  1. Maintain personal space

Sharing every space of your life will make you feel suffocated and you will grow apart. However having a hobby room for your own will give you both a place where you can pursue your interests. Learn to have some independent time.


  1. Text when possible

Whenever you are not driving or operating any machine, text your man a simple message. Just a simple text from you telling him ‘how much you miss him’ or asking ‘how he is been’ will make your man happy.

  1. Re-commitment

People change with time, so it is the time you recommit about your love and relationship to each other in this new phase of your life. You need not go for a major proposal, you can just make a video for him telling him that you will like to recommit to him for the years to come.

  1. Share physical contact

No, not only in the bedroom but do a little public display of affection. Hold each other’s hand while walking, squeeze their shoulder or hug them frequently in public.


  1. Have your own rituals

Create rituals with your partner as they help you connect on a deeper level. Whether it is bar hopping every Friday night or having dinner while you chat about your day, this will be something that you will perform for the long term.

  1. Talk about your day

Ask your partner about his day, about the best part of his day. Be enthusiastic and ask questions to show you interest in the stories he shares. Share your own happy times and you both will feel happy.

  1. Write a letter

You might feel that this is too old-school types, but you should still use this to express your love. Write a letter to your partner and show them how much you love, miss, care, think and desire him. You can even read the letters out to one another.


  1. Be helpable

It means that you are capable of being helped. We all need help at times, but sometimes we are too proud, lazy or miserable to ask for it. Ask your man help as it will help you bond together.

  1. Move to a new place

Move to a new city or country together and you will have great experience and memories to share. This will help you establish a strong relationship that can deal with difficult situations as well.

  1. Support them

We all have our dreams and goals that we wish to accomplish. Support your partner’s dream even if you do not fully believe in them. Motivate your partner and it will help you understand them better.


  1. Journal

Writing a journal is a great way to release stress. Write a journal as a couple to note down the good and bad days you have together. Whenever you have a bad day in future, you can read the journal and see how you handled the situation.

  1. Be independent

Being independent makes you more attractive. Have your hobbies, friends, and interests and you partner will continue to feel attracted towards you.

  1. Tell him that you love him

Make it your daily routine to look into your partner’s eyes and tell him that you love him. Reaffirm your bond by taking the time to let your man know that you are there for him and you care about him.


  1. Smile

A smile speaks volumes. Give your partner a happy smile whenever you can and see how well they respond. A smile encourages happiness along with endorphins that can make you want to be around your smiling partner more often.

  1. Be alert and attentive

You need to be alert and attentive while talking with your partner. Put your phone aside instead of answering your phone, checking Facebook or texting others. Listen to your partner.


Source –  Tumblr

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