12 Signs That You And Your Guy Are Ultimate ‘Couple-Goals’!

By- Shreya Sharma

Couple goals are not just being mushy-mushy in public or pretending to be the high-end couple when you actually fight like cats and dogs in private. Couple goals are not when you get 100s of likes on your couple picture on Instagram or any other social media account. Couple goals are way beyond these little things. Here are 12 signs that you and your guy are ultimate ‘couple goals’.

  1. Communication is important

You know that neither of you is a mind reader, so you talk out to resolve anything. You do not hold on to issues, you deal with them.


  1. Show off on public platforms is not important

You do not have to go to lengths to show the world what great couple you both are. You do not have to post about the flowers your man bought for you. People know you are in love, whether you post about it or not.

  1. No ultimatums

You decide together rather than making decisions on the basis of ultimatums. You do not have to pressurize each other to do something by giving an ultimatum.

  1. Fights do not lead to end

You know fights are a part of the relationship, and it does not mean that you are over. You argue, but this does not mean that this is the end of your relationship. Your fights are constructive and you do not forget to respect each other.


  1. Your friends approve of him

When you are out with your friends, they are genuinely interested in knowing about your guy or why he is not there with you. For your friends, he is the best for you and they are interested in your relationship.

  1. You act gross together

You do not mind peeing with the door open or sharing a toothbrush, it shows your trust and comfort level. You can share your private and intimate moments with him because you do not mind if he sees you at your worst.

  1. You are friends with his friends

You want to be with him for life, so his friends have now turned into your friends. You cannot perfectly get along with all of them, but few of them have turned into a great friend of yours.


  1. You do not have to worry about future

You have your future plans be it for tomorrow or for two years. You two just want to spend your future with each other.

  1. Your friends seek your advice

If other couples ask you for your advice, then you are couple goals. Your friends trust you when it comes to a relationship because you have actually set a brilliant example for them.

  1. You can have your personal life

You and your guy can spend your weekend in your own way with your friends and this does not trouble your relationship. But you never forget to check in with each other to know if you are home safe.


  1. You know you are lucky

You feel lucky to be with your man, to laugh with him at random things and to support each other without any question.

  1. You work as a team

You two face the obstacles together. You achieve a healthy balance in your relationship, by carrying some activities independently and depending on each other for few.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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