10 Ways You Can Make up With Your Boyfriend After The Fight!

By- Shreya Sharma

Every relationship goes with fights and making up sessions. You might be hurt and upset but the same can be the case with your boyfriend. You can fight over silly things or some big issues that can even make you call off things. Fights cause rift and make you and your partner unhappy. Often after fights, we are confused as to how to make things right. Here are 10 ways you can make up with your boyfriend after the fight.

  1. Say sorry

During fights, we usually do not think before speaking and later realize that we should not have said a few things that we said. If you think you are at fault, say sorry. Put your ego aside, stop being stubborn and apologize. If you are at fault, apologize.


  1. Do not hold on the things

If you had a fight today, make sure you end it today itself. Do not hold onto it and continue it for days. The longer it goes the more grudges you hold. Once a fight is over, do not drag it again into a future fight. It only means that you hold grudges, which is not good for your relationship.

  1. Give him time

You both are angry and in no mood to talk. So do not just jump into talking, give him some time and let him cool down. Have time and space to think about whatever happened. And once you realize things, you can go being cuddly again. But respect his privacy and give him some space.

  1. Talk about it

If you do not know whose fault it is and how to make things right, the best way is to talk about it. Sit down and talk about what happened. Set some rules beforehand like no screaming, no blaming, and no walking away so that you do not end up having another fight.


  1. Compromise

Fights usually happen when you two cannot agree on a certain thing. Every relationship needs adjustments to survive, so one of you will have to change your attitude or opinion. You both should bend a little and meet each other in middle.

  1. Avoid future fights

Learn from the fights you are having now. Sit down and think why you are fighting and if it is making you happy or not. Never change yourself for someone. Think about the ways you can avoid conflicts in future. Every relationship can grow if right efforts are made.

  1. Make him a meal

If you are in a fight and wishes to put an end on it, then cook him a meal. You need not be the good cook, you can Google the recipe and get started. Your boyfriend will appreciate your efforts.  


  1. Surprise him

If you know you are at fault, then to make things right, surprise him. Spend time with him playing his favorite games or watching his favorite movie. Send a sweet message to him. Your small efforts will make a big difference.

  1. Remind him of your good times

When you fight, you only remember your ugly times. Always remember that you two are together because you make each other happy. Remind him of the perfect days you have spent together, of the pictures you have. Remind him of all the good times you have spent together.

  1. Understand each other

Just the way for you, your opinion is correct, the same way he thinks. Fights only hurt you and make you unhappy, so it better to understand things for each other’s perspective. Remember that he loves you and cares for you and never wishes to hurt you. Understanding makes forgiving easy.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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