15 Signs You are *Madly* In Infatuated With Him!

By- Shreya Sharma

Love is a beautiful feeling and when you are in it, you just feel the world to be so bright and beautiful. But are you sure if it is love or infatuation? We have all been at this stage when we cannot focus on anything, all we do is think about them and wait for their replies and associate everything with them. The happiness, the light-headed feeling, and butterflies in the stomach are for him and because of him. Here are 15 symptoms of infatuation.

  1. Everything is associated with him.

Everything seems connected with him and reminds you of him.

‘Oh, this is the song he loves!’

You just want him to be on your mind every time.


  1. You cannot focus.

You feel like there is no control on your mind and body. All you can focus on is him. It takes you twice to even read and understand a simple sentence.

  1. You only want to talk about him.

Your friends and family have heard about him more than enough, that if for one more time, they will explode. You incorporate him in everything you or your friends or parents talk about.

  1. You get defensive if someone gets to know something about them before you.

You get defensive if someone knows your crush before you or something about them before you. You are so blinded that whatever someone tells you, you do not believe it and keep it in the back of your mind.


  1. Your people cannot understand why you are with him.

Your friends and family do not see it. They know you are not a match, but you are blinded. Your people know you better and can sense the connection from miles away.

  1. You do not know him since long

You just met him, and you find it hard to stop yourself from telling him that you love him. You do not love him, it can be that they are attractive and this is your lust that is making you feel this high.

  1. You start to change yourself

You change your dreams and believe just in matching this person and just to be with them, and no, this is not LOVE.


  1. You are ready to change your values

Love does not make you feel that you have to change yourself. If you are a vegetarian, then you should not change it juts to be with him. Change your values for yourself, not for others.

  1. You have put them on a pedestal

You feel you are less than him. He is best and great in everything. For you, he is the smartest and funniest person you have ever met. You both are equals and treat him that way only.

  1. You feel “This is the best thing that has ever happened to you”

This is not the best thing that has ever happened to you. Loving someone is not the only best thing that happens to you. Your journey through your life is important and it counts everything, not just love.


  1. You feel you know them the best

You feel that you know them for years and you know everything about them. But in reality, you have no idea about who they actually are. When in love, you accept them for their good and bad.

  1. You think about your future with him

You just met them, you have not met his family or do not even know his last name, but you want his babies and to get married to him. You are rushing in your thoughts, while when in love, this all comes naturally.

  1. You feel so jealous

You dislike it when they talk with others or some old school friends. They are happy and smiling with them, and here you are feeling the heat in your body. He is not your property. Love is not about jealousy.


  1. You fear them going away from you

You feel they will leave you for someone else. If you had difficult past, this fear is understandable. But when you are in love, it gives you confidence.

  1. You suddenly lose your interest in them.

You no longer find their laugh sexy or charming when food falls onto their shirt. If this was love, you’d be into all those quirky parts about them. But infatuation is a funny thing; it can leave as quickly as it comes.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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