15 Ways To Tell That The Guy Is Just Playing You!

By- Shreya Sharma

We never want the guy we are dating to be playing on us. We invest a lot of time and efforts to find someone we can spend our life with, and then knowing that they were just playing on us is one big moment of realization and being shattered. We feel like stupid for being vulnerable with them. This feeling of being hurt is never good. The best way to lessen the damage is to know if the guy is playing on us in the early stage only because as the time passes, the feeling grow strong and it can hurt worse. Here are 15 ways to tell that they guy is just playing you.

  1. He says only what you want to hear

Those who are players are great at telling you what you want to hear. If your guy always says the right things to melt you, he is probably playing you. They can manipulate you into thinking that you like them a lot. He might be saying those same things to other girls as well.


  1. He does not talk about the things that value

He will tell you about how happy he feels with you or how connected he feels to you, but will never talk about why it feels so because he might not be having the reason for that. If he does not say anything meaning, he is playing you.

  1. His life plans are vague

If he does not talk about his life, his job, his friends or his weekend plans, he is playing you. His answers to his life plans or weekend plans are quite vague and it is because he does not want to tell you about his plans which can help you guess that he is playing.

  1. He has a pet name for you and calls you by that only

Nicknames are cute and adorable and can melt a girl easily. But if never calls you by your name and use these pet names only, then he could be playing on you. Pet names are used by players so that he does not call a girl by the wrong name because he has so many.


  1. He never makes plan for more than a day

You cannot extend your plan; if it is Sunday then it is Sunday only. If he cannot commit for more days, then he is playing on you. He just wants to keep his plans open so that he can do whatever he wants to do and hang out with other girls easily.

  1. He gets aggressive when you touch his phone

People who hide their phone or becomes aggressive when you touch their phone are highly sketchy because what is so private that they want to hide from you. You may find it romantic when they put their phone away on a date, but if they keep it away from you when they get a text or call, then it could be a sign that they are playing.

  1. His compliments are based on looks

His compliments are always based on looks; they are nice but not meaningful. Any guy can give you compliment on your looks. But if your guy cannot tell you things he likes about your personality, it is only because he does not care.


  1. He does not talk about how he feels

Telling you that you are cute, amazing and funny, is not telling you how he feels about you, if he never tells you that he likes you or any such thing, he is playing on you because he does not see any future with you.

  1. He never introduces you as his girlfriend

If it is been a while that you two are together, but he has never introduced you as his girlfriend, it could be because he is playing you. It could be because he does not want to be exclusive and see other girls as well.

  1. You do not have emotional bond

If he is hugging you, kissing you and having sex with you, but never talks about his feels or does not open up emotionally, he could be playing. He could be using you just for sex and physical things.


  1. You do not know about his friends

If you have been together for quite some time and he has never introduced you to his friends, then it could be a sign that he is playing you. He is not serious about you to make you meet the people who are important to him.    

  1. He rarely talks about himself

If you do not know about his goals and what he wants to do with his life, there is some problem. If he never talks about himself, it is probably because he does not find any reason to let you know about him.

  1. You have not met his family either

Meeting a guy’s family is one big thing, you should eventually meet them. If he never talks about them with you, it is probably he does not want you to meet them and does not take you seriously.


  1. He never talks about your family or friends

If he never talks about your family and friends and avoids meeting your friends, it is probably because he is playing. He does not want to form any kind of attachment. He has so many girls, why would he care about your friends.

  1. He has never talked about his future

When guys don’t talk about the future around you, it’s because he doesn’t really see you as a part of that future and he wants to avoid talks about those things in general. If he never talks about his future or what he wants, he is probably playing you.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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