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9 Mistakes People Make In Long Distance Relationships!

By- Shreya Sharma

Long distance relationship can be a situation of out of sight and out of mind or a situation that deepens your bond but it all depends on how you take things. These are hard because you two are so far away from one another in the other space. You cannot accompany your man and cannot have some real dates. There are various barriers in your relationship but to make it long lasting and ever loving, you got to avoid doing these mistakes. Here are 10 mistakes people make in long distance relationships.

  1. Planning your life around him

Do not just plan your life around your guy and plan your future with him. You are not sure if he will move back to the same city or country or neither can you easily leave everything you have here and fly off. You should not make your life revolve around him and have a plan B.


  1. Neglecting your friends

Your friends are your ray of life and neglecting them to be with the man you are dating will leave you alone only. True you have to match up the time to contact because of time zone difference but when you are with your friends do not be busy skype calling him.

  1. Texting up restlessly

If you both are not at same level of work and you are not occupied with work, you will miss him more but this does not mean you text him restlessly and get mad if they do not reply. Keep yourself busy so that you both can become individual self as well.

  1. Not fixing a proper date for next time

This way you will be excited and you can have a reason to pass the time with excitement. Plus you will be mentally, financially and physically prepared for your next date.


  1. Doubts

Insecurity is your enemy in long distance relationship. You out of your own imagination build up a story and it gets out of control that you start doubting your partner which leads to trust issues.

  1. Stop making efforts

When you have been in long distance relationship for quite some time, you get used to of those skype calls and facetime chats. This seems to be a boring day-to-day activity and you gradually lessen the time you talk.

  1. Being impatient

There could be days when you both will not hear from one another and one of you will be waiting for other persons call. It is easy to become impatient, like not getting calls for months or not getting to hug one another.


  1. Lack of proper communication

Some issues might pop up when you are in a long distance relationship; never go to bed without resolving them. Discuss your thoughts and feelings with your partner. Do not assume the issue to resolve magically, talk about it.

  1. Lack of faith

Do not channelize your love towards negativity or what others say, this will leave your relationship with damage and can even lead to a breakup. Have faith in your love.    


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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