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12 Ways You Can Be A Good *Lover* In Bed!

By- Shreya Sharma

Sometimes it is difficult to understand your partner, especially when it comes to physical intimacy. Having a healthy sex life is important part of a relationship which you should not take for granted. If your sex is not as great as you expect it to be, you should not lose hope, because you can control it with some changes that can improve your sex life. Here are 12 ways you can be a good lover in bed.

  1. More of foreplay

Foreplay excites your partner and derives more pleasure. It does not start hours before the main act; it can start days before the main act. You can make your partner feel sexy by doing a few things like; dance to slow song, wear lacy lingerie, unexpected kiss, touch his sensitive spots randomly or give him a full body sensual massage.


  1. Work on personal grooming

When you look good, his senses of smell, sight, and touch are heightened and he is more willing to have you. Dress well and wear some sexy lacy lingerie when you are expecting a wild night ahead. Hit the gym. Eat right. And maintain personal hygiene.

  1. Go on adventure

Do not let your sex life turn boring and try your best to keep your partner on their toes all the times. Explore your partner’s body and find out the unconventional spots. Go out of your comfort zone to make your partner feel comfortable. Surprise your man with sex when he is least expecting it.

  1. Talk about the things you are comfortable

It is important to understand each other’s likes and dislikes and boundaries in bed. Talk about what you are comfortable with and what you are not because you need to strike a balance between your likes and dislikes. Talk about your sexual fantasies. Talk about if you are comfortable with sex toys or not? And talk about the things that you love the most about each other.


  1. Intimacy is no on and off switch

Intimacy is not an on and off switch that will get you what you want. You need to go slow with your actions and movements. Try different positions and speed. Work on the sensitive parts rather than jumping on the main action.

  1. Work on the surroundings

Keep your room mess, dirt and garbage free so that your spontaneity and surprises can work like wonder. Do not have anything around the room that he is allergic to. Make the environment clean and presentable. Light some candles to make the atmosphere romantic.

  1. Take control

Take control and show your lover that you are in charge when you are making love. Your man will love this feeling. All you need to do is, stay on top, have him pinned down and do things to him.


  1. Make noises in bed

Making pleasure noises in bed is a great turn on and encourages your partner. Make noise when you like the things your partner does.

  1. Make your partner feel confident

Neither you nor your partner is a super model. Ensure that your partner is confident about their body, otherwise, he will not be able to open up and you will have to compromise on pleasure. Give your partner compliments, caress their body parts and tell them that they are perfect.

  1. Work on their needs

Sometimes you will have to compromise to make your partner happy. Do not force yourself on your partner when he is not in the mood. Kiss him without expecting it to go further.


  1. Ask questions

You should ask your partner right questions to keep the mood alive. Ensure that your partner is enjoying the experience. Take your time to make the experience memorable. Do not crack insane jokes or criticize him. Do not be disappointed if he does not reach climax.

  1. After sex act

Just because you are done with the intercourse, does not mean you are over. Your intimacy is built on the basis of what you do later. Maintain physical contact after you are done. Talk about what happened and the things you enjoyed. Cuddle each other tight.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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