16 Ways You Can Tell You Wear The Pants In Your Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

Even though we are wearing pants even now, still the phase ‘wearing the pants in the relationship’ is still not taken lightly. For women, this phrase means being strong and independent, whereas men see it as a form of emasculation which means that the men in the relationship are weak because the woman is stronger. But there are men who appreciate having a strong woman in their life. Here are 16 ways you can tell you wear the pants in your relationship.

  1. You played hard to get

You were always perfectly happy to stay single during your courtship or dating period. You played hard to get. He needs to work to be with you.


  1. You are not into labels

Your guy used to push you to have a clearly defined relationship, but you are not that into labels and want the relationship to take its own course.

  1. High on Libido

You are the one to initiate sexy times whenever possible. He likes to wait for you to suggest.

  1. He texts first

To start a conversation, he has to text first, else you are happy to be independent.


  1. Words with waiter

Whenever you are out with your man, you find the waiter always ask their questions from your rather than your partner.

  1. You are the protective one

You love your man and are always ready to show it. You throw down people who dare to disrespect your man.

  1. He is more emotional

He is the one who gets more emotional about things while you stay strong and silent.


  1. You get your own way

You are used to it, not because you are being a brat, but because you are more dominant.

  1. Being vulnerable

You feel awkward when it comes to showing your vulnerable side. You are used to being the strong one.

  1. You are the big spoon

You always like to be the big spoon when it comes to cuddling which gives you more control.


  1. It is hard for others to understand

When people say they do not ‘get’ your relationship, it is because your relationship does not confirm the traditional gender roles.

  1. He initiates talking about future

Your boyfriend always talks about the future and tries to lock you down in his plans. But you are happy to live in the moment.

  1. You are unapologetic

If you earn more than your boyfriend, rather than being shy, you own your success and love that you are in this great position.


  1. Your parents love him

Your parents love him and emphasize about how perfect you are for each other.

  1. You have a strong partnership

Not only are you lovey-dovey, romantic couple. You appreciate that you and your man have a strong relationship that feels strong and secure.

  1. You are independent

You know that just because you love your mean, it does not mean you have to sacrifice your independence and stop doing things that you enjoy alone.


Source –  Tumblr

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