7 Things He’ll Do During Lovemaking If He Actually Loves You!

By- Shreya Sharma

When a man is really into you, then have the tendency to express their love through small gestures while making love. If you are confused about if your man really loves you or is just with you for your body, you need to look out for these small loving gestures. Here are 7 things he will do during sex if he actually loves you.

  1. He will look into your eyes

Your eyes can reveal a lot of your secrets. You can look into the eyes of someone else only when you have feelings for them. If your man is looking into your eyes, he is communicating about his love for you.


  1. He will take your needs into consideration

He will ask you about your preferences like what you need and how you need. Even after the act, he will love to cuddle you, play with your hair or do anything that will bring you both closer.

  1. He will create romantic situation

If a guy is not into you, he will directly get into the act without wasting even a single second. But if he loves you and wants you to be in his life, he will make the best of each moment. He will take care of your feelings.

  1. He will kiss you all over

He will spend the time to explore your body and love your scars rather than directly jumping into the act. His kisses can tell you about his love and passion for you.


  1. He will get emotional

This will happen during initial times of love making. He will say more ‘I Love You’ than usual. He will tell you how lucky and proud he is to have you in his life.

  1. He will never let his work life be an excuse to stay away from sex

No matter how stress his work life is or how busy he was, he will need your arms to feel comfortable and relaxed. He will find excuses to stay away from you only if he is not interested in you.

  1. He will believe in the give and take of pleasure

Men don’t like to go down on their girl much often, especially during hook-ups or one night stand. If your man loves you, he will himself want to love every inch of you. No matter how imperfect it is.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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