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17 Signs He Actually Deserves To Be With You!

By- Shreya Sharma

We always wonder if we deserve the guy we are with or not. But sometimes it is better to put yourself first and wonder if the guy you are with deserves you or not. You are amazing, hell hot and a combination of beauty with brains, which means you should not settle for anything less than the best. It is important to find out if he deserves to be with you and is the best for you or not. Here are 17 signs he actually deserves to be with you.

  1. He is affectionate

If he hugs you and kisses you daily, if he holds your hand whenever he gets a chance and if he says those three magical words every now and then to you, then he deserves to be with you.


  1. He appreciates your efforts

Does he acknowledge your efforts? Does he thank you when you drop him home? Does he sound appreciative when you give him the best sex or just acts like it was your job? If he acknowledges and appreciates your efforts, then he deserves to be with you.

  1. He makes plans

If he plans dates, weekends and holidays without waiting for you to initiate, then he is the one.

  1. He compliments you

If he tells you, you look pretty in early morning look or how much he loves your smile then you are with the right one.


  1. He consults you before making any decision

If he talks with you before making any major decision in his life rather than blowing his entire paycheck without even asking you, he deserves to be with you.

  1. He talks about everything with you

If he tells you everything about his day even before you ask him, he is right for you.

  1. He listens to you

Notice if he is just nodding his head while talking with you or if he is paying attention to your words, you will get the difference.


  1. He is a man of his words

If he keeps the promises and you can count on him, no matter what, you have found the right one.

  1. He does not lie or cheat

If he stays loyal to you when others girls are also interested in him or if he says the truth even if it is uncomfortable, then he deserves to be with you.

  1. He protects you

If he stands by you and protects you when someone is being mean to you or talks filthy about you, he actually deserves to be with you.


  1. He makes you feel better

If he makes you feel brighter, excited and makes you a better person, you have hit the jackpot.

  1. He treats you equal

If does not make you feel you are inferior and treats you like an equal, he deserves to be with you.

  1. He trusts you

If he trusts you and your dreams and supports you accomplish them, then you have the one.


  1. He puts you first

If he considers your feelings and makes you feel happy, even if it makes things hard for him, then he deserves to be with you.

  1. He puts equal efforts

If he splits the chores and bills and puts in equal efforts in everything, then he is the one.

  1. Your parents approve him

Your family and friends like him and think he is good enough for you. They encourage you to stay with him.

  1. He makes you feel special

He does not ignore you and tries his best to make you feel special and beautiful.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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