15 Reasons You Should Reconsider Moving In With Him!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you are madly in love with someone, you just wish to move in with them. When we are young and have someone who makes us happy like crazy, we feel the urge to move in with them. You even ignore the warning signs that can make you lose a lot. Make sure that your love is not blinding you because it is one important time in your life and there is a lot at stake. If you think you know him and he loves you, think again. Here are 15 reasons why you should reconsider moving in with him.

  1. You are not his priority

When you move in with him, you are certainly going to rely on him for some things. Of course, there will be certain situations when he cannot put you first, but if you are never his priority then you should not move in with him.


  1. You cannot be yourself around him

When you live together, you spend the most time together. If you cannot imagine doing things in front of him that you do in alone, then you should not move in with him. You need to feel comfortable around him before you take this next big step.

  1. There will be no mystery

The moment you move in together, the surprise element left in your relationship will vanish away into thin air. You will be doing every activity together under the same roof, and then it will be difficult to keep things fresh and alive in your relationship. If you wish to keep up the mystery and keep things spicy in your relationship, then do not move in with him.

  1. He is bad with money

If he spends all of his money and does not believe in the concept of saving, then it is one major warning sign. Do not move in with him, because there might come a time when he starts borrowing money from you and never return it back. It is better to sit down and talk about money before you move in together. You might later feel that you are spending on all the grocery and daily needs and he is just spending on him.


  1. There will be no personal space

Do not expect your silent alone sessions because he will always be around you and being too much around each other is too unhealthy for your relationship. It is important to have your personal space even when you two are living together. The more you live together, the more you fight. Living together can be complicated, so it is better you understand one another and one another’s demand for personal space.

  1. He gets jealous

If your guy is jealous because you have guy friends or male coworker, then it is better not to move in with him. When you live in with him, it can be that he turns controlling. If anyone of you is jealous, it is a sign of immaturity which can disturb your relationship.

  1. You do not trust him

If you do not trust him then why would you want to move in with him? If you cannot trust him with everything, then there is no point of moving in with him. If you think by moving in with him you will be able to control him, think of the couples who cheat even then. The chance are your relationship is already over, do not move with him.


  1. You have different schedules

When you move in, you have to take one another’s feelings into consideration. If he is having night shifts and you are having day shifts, living together will not make any difference to your relationship. When you are in a relationship, you need to balance space and time for each other. Having opposite schedule might ruin everything in your relationship.

  1. It has not been a long time since you know each other

Moving in together after a couple of months is a bad idea. It is better to take things slow and act mature. There is still a lot to learn about your boyfriend. There might be a lot of dark traits of your man that might emerge over time. Take your time and be careful and do not rush into moving in with him.

  1. He has commitment issues

If you feel that he cannot settle down or commit things seriously, then why to think to move in with him? Make sure that you are not pressurizing him into the idea of moving in that you might regret later. If he has commitment issues, then do not make the mistake of moving in with him.


  1. He has never talked about the future

If you are planning to move in together, it is better you first talk about marriage. If you break up after living in together for a while, it might feel like having a divorce and your life may feel upside down. There is no going back, so to save yourself the sorrow, it is better you ask your man if he is going to marry you or not. Why would you wish to move in with a guy who is not willing to marry you?

  1. It might cost you your independence

If you love being independent and on your own, you might feel odd if you are with your boyfriend all the time. Your independence may suddenly vanish away in thin air because you have to tell him everything you are doing as you live together. If you want to be one independent woman, moving in is a bad idea for you.

  1. You fight all the time

The more you stay together, the more you have reasons to fight. If you fight with him all the time, then do not move in with him. Sure, there are ups and downs in every relationship, and disagreements can be healthy if treated with respect, but if you have the screaming and name calling kind of fights, then moving in is the worst kind of decision.


  1. It might wreck your relationship

Couples are less likely to transition into marriage if they move in together before the proposal. Most couples take a lot longer to marry after they move in together. Save it after you talk about the wedding bells and then maybe you have a real chance.

  1. The romance can die

Suddenly you start having sexy time in bed less, you stop trying to look hot for each other, and bit by bit the romance is dulled down to a card on your anniversary and birthday. Love takes work, but a lot of couples stop trying once they hit the safety net of living together. When you live in together, you might find his dirty boxers and socks lying in here and there which will not turn you on.


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