Myths about Shaving and Waxing That Are NOT True!

Being a girl is not one easy task. Living in this stereotypical society, at one hand we are supposed to look good and on other hand we are told various does & don’ts about shaving and waxing. It is necessary to break the bubble of these much talked about myths. Here are a few myths about shaving and waxing that girls are hearing since ages.

  1. It makes hair grow back thicker and faster and darker

Shaving cuts off the exposed ends of hair, leaving behind the under skin hair which tend to grow faster. Same is with waxing. If your hair is in-growth, then waxing cannot cut it off and they will eventually grow; which by default leads to this myth.

  1. Waxing is better than shaving for the bikini area

Both waxing are shaving are not good for your bikini area. Pubic hair is thick in nature and thus cannot be pulled out completely even by wax. And extra efforts to pull out those thick hairs can lead to bleeding as the skin over there is too sensitive. Same is with shaving as it too cannot take off hair completely. It is better to trim than wax and shave your bikini area.

  1. Waxing is the best option

Since laser treatments are too expensive and shaving does not last long, waxing is considered to be the best option among all. Waxing too can be risky for people as the salons use same wax for all and at times use same cloth strip for all which can lead to transferring infection. Too much of wax can rip off your skin and make you bleed. It is not even safe for people with popped-up-veins as it can make them burst.

  1. Waxing is always painful

Pulling hair out of your skin is any which way painful. But it also depends upon your endurance power, the technique of your professional and the type of the skin.

  1. Waxing from younger age leads to less hair as an adult

It does not guarantee you permanent hair removal. Frequent waxing tends to lower down your hair growth rate depending upon the skin and hair type.

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