5 Things Happen When You Tell Your Parents That You’ve Been Dating!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being an Indian girl, it definitely takes guts to have that talk with your mom and dad. Sometimes we just avoid doing it, but if we do decide to tell them, the reactions we get are either too funny or too scary. Here are the things that happen when you tell your parents that you have been dating.

  1. Laugh off

They laugh from the very first sentence you mince from your mouth and laughs and laughs and laughs till the end. You yourself are surprised that “how can be they so calm?” or “Is this a kind of joke?” but they prefer laughing it off.

  1. React exactly opposite of what you expect

You might be expecting your mom to be chilled and your dad to be some fierce angry bird at this matter and you will be shocked noticing the opposite reactions.

  1. Warn you at the right time

They may warn you with their gut feeling, what they feel and may ask you to be friends with that guy but not more than that.

  1. Ask you to break up IMMEDIATELY

They are so furious with all the quotes that “Aur freedom do inko”, “is liye padne bheja tha tumko”, “society wale kya bolenge” etc. and ask you to immediately breakup with your boyfriend.

  1. Wants to meet him

Some of them are so nice and sweet that they prefer giving you a chance and meet the guy, you have choose for yourself.

Source – Giphy

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