#MenTalkies : Questions That Men Itch To Ask But Afraid To Do So!

Guys might remember a time when they wish to ask something to a woman but hesitated to do so. There are times when few questions nudge men from within but they are afraid to ask  women as they are afraid they would lose whatever they have between them. So generally they either ask the questions and take a chance or keep them within themselves. Following are some of such questions.

  1. Do you like me?

Men know exactly what this question means to them. To a girl, it may sound like a very normal thing but a man knows the significance of it. It is sometimes important to a man to be aware of where he is heading, so when he starts falling for a girl, he wants to make sure that both of them are on the same page.


  1. Do you have a boyfriend?

Another question that men are keen to know the answer for. Now there are a number of ways where men try and avoid to ask this question to a woman. They try to find it out through different means but ask it finally when they still cannot get an answer to it.


  1. Will you be my girlfriend?

Just after a man gets a positive or likeable answer for question 2, he is likely to ask question number 3. This is a trail that follows. One question leads to the other. But men are usually afraid to ask this question to a woman in fear to lose the already existing friendship they have. Men want to be sure that if the answer to this question is negative, they are still having the friendship between them safe.


  1. How many relationships did you have in the past?

Another question following the same trail. Once the man and the woman are together, now comes the opening up part. They start asking stuff and sharing things between them. This is the situation when men ask this question to women but hesitate, not because they fear they might lose her. But because they may not get the answer they are expecting.


  1. Are you virgin?

Although this question is a brand symbol of stereotype thinking, however, it is still used to judge a girl’s character. What is more interesting and astonishing is that men are aware of how awkward it is to ask such a thing to a girl but still they wanna ask it for their own mental satisfaction.


  1. Are you hiding something from me?

Now as we say “an ideal mind is a devil’s workshop”, similarly “a man who doubts is no less than a devil”. The significance of the sentence is that a devil knows what he is known for, so he does not care while doing his job. Similarly, a man even after being afraid to ask it still pull up the courage to ask this question to his woman. Somewhere inside he is hesitating and also afraid to do so, but still, does for his own satisfaction.


  1. What sex position do you prefer?

Even after being in a relationship few people don’t open up. They even hesitate to talk about sex. Nowadays many men hesitate to ask what sex position a woman prefer. It would ultimately get their sex like to a different level and they both will be equally satisfied but that hesitation kills it before it even starts.


Well these are the few things that men hesitate to ask to a woman but it constantly itches them within.

Skadoosh guys!

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