7 Steps To Fix Your Not-So-Stable Relationship With Him!

By- Shreya Sharma

It is hard to deal with a broken heart especially when you thought this relationship will stay with you forever. There are highs and lows in every relationship but it feels worst when everything seems broken. You feel it is hard to fix your heart and relationship again. Here are 7 steps to fix your not-so-stable relationship with him.

  1. Remember why you fall in love with him

When you are together, you often forget what you like about your spouse. Remember what made you realize that you want to be with this person for the rest of your life. Write down the reason so that you can remember it always. It will change your mindset about the relationship.


  1. Listen to each other

Listen to your partner without trying to solve your spouse’s problem. When you listen to your partner, you show your understanding towards each other. Ask questions so that he knows you are interested in his life. Create a safe environment so that your partner can open up.

  1. Turn towards your partner

Your small gestures can make a big difference. Whenever your partner smile, make eye contact or nod, it is important that you turn towards him.

  1. Have fun together

When we grow up, we forget laughing. Do not take your life seriously and act like a kid. Laugh and have fun together to connect with each other again.


  1. Do not let distraction affect

Your kids, work, and the house can make you put your relationship on the back seat. Think how everything was in the beginning. Make the schedule and spend time with each other and do not let anything distract you from having this ‘we time’.

  1. Try to repair things

To repair, you need to admit the things you have done wrong and apologize for them. It is one of the hardest but the best thing you can do to save your relationship.

  1. Lower your expectations

We all keep on changing. When you are together, you depend on your partner for everything. And you feel disappointed when your partner cannot do everything. You need to lower down your expectations from your partner, else it will harm your relationship.


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