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15 Ways To Tell If Your Boyfriend Actually *Values* You Or.. Not!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all wish to find a partner with whom we can share a long and healthy relationship. But it is never easy to select the right person for ourselves. It is important to know as to how to find the right person, who is compatible with you. If your relationship has hit the boring, complacent stage, then it is your duty to remind your partner how important you are. You need to be clever and subtle with your gestures so that your partner recognizes your value. Here are 15 ways to tell if your boyfriend actually values you or not.

  1. No games

You both should be comfortable texting or calling each other at any hour of the day. If you wonder if you should text or not, or if he returns your texts or calls in days, then you are not in the relationship zone.


  1. Being kind and respectful

This is not just for you because he will be good to you as he has a lot to gain. It is about how he is to others; the waiters, his family, animals. If he is kind to other people in his life, he is the right person.

  1. Man of his words

He does as he says, he has his integrity intact. He fulfills his promises. He calls you if he says. He follows through the plans he made with you in advance. He is ready to have a serious relationship with you.

  1. Expresses his feelings

He does not give you the silent treatment or judge or criticize you. He will have an open and honest communication with you. He expresses his feelings to you if it is about meeting his friend or about you.


  1. Financially responsible

When you are in a relationship, finance matters a lot. It does not matter how much he makes, the thing that matters is how he consumes and saves the money? Does he constantly lends or borrows money? Does he pay taxes? You need to understand if you are comfortable with the way he deals with his finance.

  1. The way he treats his family

If you want something serious, you need to find out if he treats his family with respect and compassion. It is important to know because one day you will be a part of his family and he will treat you the same. Be careful about the way he treats his mother because it will tell you a lot about how he will treat the women of his life.

  1. Being single

The guy you are with should be single and should not be in any other relationship. He must be emotionally available so that he can focus on your relationship.


  1. The way he treats you

If he does not treat you right, it is better to dump him ASAP. If he is sweet with you when it is just two of you and ignores you when you are around people, then he is not the right one for you. Remember that he should treat you with respect and you should always come first for him.

  1. No stalking

If he is the right guy, he will keep you abreast with the details of his life and you will never feel the urge to stalk him. Your instinct will never force you to keep a check on him. If your gut feeling ever forces you to stalk him, then you should follow it because your intuition is never wrong.

  1. If he listens to you

He is not the right one for you if he thinks that women talk way too much for him to pay attention to it all. He should always listen to you. And if he is attentive can be understood by the way he treats you. If he remembers the slightest of the thing you ever told him, he pays attention to you.


  1. You have been to his house

While his place might not be comfortable for you, but at least he is open about it and has taken you over there. He does not want to hide things from you. If you have been dating for a while and he has never taken you to his place, then you need to be suspicious.

  1. Your sense of humor matches

Humor is what makes life fun. If you share a compatible sense of humor with him then you can have a long-term happiness together. You should be able to laugh and play together.

  1. Being thankful

He notices your big and small efforts and appreciates you for them. He is thankful for everything you do.


  1. The way he handles his exes

If for him each of his exes was ‘crazy’, then you need to be very cautious while proceeding in the relationship. See how he describes his exes. A respectful, detached attitude with an eye on making things great for the child is what you want to see. An angry, punitive attitude is a huge warning signal.

  1. Being truthful

Little white lies are a part of your relationship. But he should be truthful about the important things. If he lies to others, he will lie to you too. Trust your man, but verify if he constantly lies about things.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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