Fake Accent & 12 Other Things Girls Notice About Men On Their First Date!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you go on a date, it is not just about you, it is also about the way you notice your potential Mr. Right sitting across the table on your first date. You cannot help but notice his mannerism, the way he talks, his shoes, his nails and everything because everything says a lot about him. Here are 13 things girls notice about men on their first date other than fake accent.

  1. His eyes

Eyes are the key to one’s soul. Just a deep look is enough to flatter us and captivate our attention.


  1. His hair

A man’s hair can explain a lot about their personality. We want our man to have a good hairline.

  1. His jawline

It is sexy if a man has great face cut and jawline. It can work as a major turn on.

  1. His shoes

It is a big turn off if a guy comes in chappals or sandals or crocs on the first date. His footwear can say a lot about his maturity, style, and masculinity.


  1. His smell

A good perfume can leave a long lasting impression on us. A good smelling man is a big turn on.

  1. His confidence level

Confidence is sexy. We all want a man who is opinionated, confident and knows how to take up a stand.

  1. His manners

He should know how to behave, how to respect elders, how to talk politely with the waiter, how to be humble and how to eat properly.


  1. The way he orders

When you are on a date, this is the perfect way to know about how he treats people and staff. He should be classy and subtle while ordering food rather than being disrespectful.

  1. His voice

A sexy, flirting voice is a big turn on.

  1. Fake accent

A fake accent shows wannabe attitude which is a big turn off.  It is better if the man keeps things real.


  1. His smile and humor

We want a man who can smile and make us smile. Yes, we judge the man on the basis of how they smile and how they make people around them smile.

  1. His flirting skills

Flirting is what tells a lot about a man and he should know where to draw a line. A should flirt well and know his limits.

  1. The way he kisses

For us, the first kiss is memorable and the experience depends upon how your man initiates it. Whether he just gets done with kissing or makes YOU desperately want it is what makes the decision.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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