If He Made These 13 Complicated Things Simple, He Is The ONE!

By- Shreya Sharma

Dating someone is never easy. Your life looks blissful when you are in your honeymoon period but then the things get slow and serious and the problems come into existence. You have issues with each other and you have to compromise on certain grounds. But if your man helps you make complicated things simple, hold on to him and do not let him go. Here are 13 complicated things that if he has made simple then he is the one.

  1. Texting

While texting him, you do not have to analyze every text he sends. You do not have to ask your friends to help you on what to say next. With him, your conversations are fun and flow smoothly. There is less of stress.


  1. Flirting

There are some instant bond and chemistry between you two. You do not have to worry about what to say and when to make flirting gestures. It just feels right. You can tease him like you know him since forever.

  1. Figuring out your relationship

You do not have to analyze his mixed signals. You will not have to guess about how he feels instead he admit how he feels about you. He will not hide his feelings from you.

  1. Honesty

You do not feel the fear to hold your feelings back. You feel free to tell him the truth about everything, about what you want, about your past, about your secrets, about your feelings.


  1. Looking pretty

You should not spend hours to find the perfect outfit and apply makeup to look good to him. He should make you feel good even when you are in your pajamas.

  1. Planning for dates

If he understands you, it will not be difficult for him to set a date. If he knows that you like pizza, he knows where to take you.

  1. Kissing

While kissing him, you do not worry about the smell of your breath or the taste of your mouth. All you will be thinking about is him in that moment.


  1. Things to talk about

If you connect with him, you will not have to prepare about the topics before meeting him. You will naturally have things to talk about. There will not be any awkward silence.

  1. Time for each other

You should not go weeks without meeting each other because you both are busy with your life. When you like someone, you find time to meet them. You might be having a really busy schedule but you will manage to fit him in.

  1. Fights

When you are with the right person, your small disagreements will not turn into heated arguments. You will find a way to have a conversation with him and find a way to compromise.


  1. Playing games

Your man should not play hard to get or make you wait hours for the text back. Once you have your forever person, you do not have to play games with them because your relationship is straightforward.

  1. Having sex

You should not feel any pressure to have sex with him or you should not feel being used. When you are with the right person, sex feels like a blessing, like you are where you are meant to be.

  1. Saying “I Love You”

If he’s really your forever person, these words won’t seem all that scary. And you won’t hesitate to say them because you’ll know that he feels the same.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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