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13 Confusing Vagina Myths You Need To Stop Believing!

By- Shreya Sharma

Our vagina is a mystery part that can get us to some extreme level of excitement. With time, there have been several myths grown about our vagina like peeing after sex!! These myths confuse us and leave us wondering about our lady part and how it functions. Here are 13 confusing vagina myths you need to stop believing.

  1. Female ejaculation is pee

This is false. Squirting is not peeing. You will find some urine in both male and female ejaculation but that is not the main component. Do not feel gross.


  1. Women ejaculate

Yes, not only man, woman also ejaculates. It can be embarrassing for some women as when they ejaculate, their partner may not be expecting it. Woman can ejaculate up to two tablespoon of fluid which is clear in color and bitter in smell. But not every woman can ejaculate.

  1. It is like a lock and key

Sometimes even after having crazy sexual chemistry with someone, sex is not that special. Consider the vagina and penis as lock and key. Not every penis is meant for your vagina. If the sex was not great, does not mean you or your partner are at fault. It is because you are no reproductive match.

  1. Pee after sex

If you do not pee after sex, your vagina will not blow up. It is not mandatory but it is better you pee; your body will be demanding to pee after sex. It will help you flush out the bacteria and prevent UTIs. Not peeing after sex can make you vulnerable to bacteria or UTI.


  1. The G-spot

Yes it exists. The G-spot is a pretty large area which you may not have discovered yet. Take some time and search for your G-spot to have some exciting pleasure.

  1. Loose vagina means you already had sex

False!! Vaginas are different and plus it is a girl’s choice to have sex with multiple men or not. Just keep in mind, loose vagina does not means, you already had sex, vaginas are different.

  1. All vaginas look the same

Wrong!! Vaginas are different and not just like the ones shown in porn. Some have larger lips and smaller clitoris while some may have a hidden clitoris. The distance between vagina and clitoris too may be different. It is all different.

moving eyes

  1. Women do not always get wet

Women do not need to get super wet to be horny. You may need some extra lubrication at all times. Natural lube is affected because of your menstrual cycle, your age or stress level. Being not super wet does not mean you will not be able to have sex.

  1. Women do not discharge during days

Vagina constantly secrets discharge which keeps our vagina healthy and clean. If the discharge color changes, it indicates health issues.

  1. Vaginas are self-cleaning machines

Vagina produces daily fluids which help in getting rid of harmful bacteria and dead cells. Do not douche because that is of no need plus you are just removing the good bacteria and protective fluid.


  1. You can only come via penetration

False!! Women can orgasm through different ways other than penetrative intercourse. Some women orgasm through nipple stimulation, while others may orgasm through clitoral stimulation; you just need to figure out what suits you.

  1. It is not normal to fall asleep post-sex

It is completely normal to fall asleep post-sex because who will not wish to sleep after such great sex. It is natural to fall asleep as you have just released a bunch of chemicals and your body needs rest.

  1. The vagina does not smell

False!! Vagina has a smell of its own and speaks a lot about our health. When it smells a little fishy, you may have a bacterial infection. Or if it’s very bitter in smell, it could be that you’re about to have your period. The vagina is susceptible to bacteria, sweating and pH imbalances which all produce their own set of smells. So, to make sure everything is going well down there, give it a smell.


Source – Giphy

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