15 Ways To Get Your Guy To Open Up To You And Talk More!

By- Shreya Sharma

Guys hide their emotions from the world which is quite annoying at times. You never get to know what upsets them, how they feel and what makes them happy. But guys can be more emotional than us. Men do not usually show their emotions because it is not considered manly. They are better at hiding their emotions. It is hard for a man to open himself to you and share his emotions. Here are 15 ways to get your guy to open up to you and talk more.

  1. Stay calm

If you stay calm during deep, real conversations, it is going to get him more emotional. If you blow up at little things, he will find it hard to confide in you. it will make your relationship healthy and he will feel easy opening up to you because he knows you will not make a big deal out of it.


  1. Do not pressurize him

Pressurizing a guy to open up will send him back into his shell. Guys do not like forcing info out of them. Guys prefer keeping things to them. If you keep on pressurizing them, it might lead to the end of your relationship. Let opening up be his decision and not something to force him about.

  1. Listen to him

Listen to your man and focus on what he is saying. Listen first and speak then. Give your opinion to him after he is done with what he is saying. This will help him think that you want to take all the information before forming an opinion which will make it easy for him to share his personal stuff with you.

  1. Compliment him

Man fear rejection, so compliment him to boost his ego and show that you are really into him. This can even allow him to let his guards down. If he is insecure, it will take him long to open up to you. Boost his ego with compliments, when he will feel confident about himself, he will open up to you.


  1. Ask him how he feels

Some guys are just bad at communicating their feelings which make it hard for you to understand why they are upset. Instead of asking about the situation, ask him about how that situation made you feel. This will give him the general direction and he can fill the rest by explaining his emotions.

  1. Open yourself to him

You cannot expect him to share his deep dark secrets with you when he does not know anything about your personal life. He will open up to you if you show him your vulnerable side. When you share your personal stories with him, he feels comfortable to share his stories with you.

  1. Show him you are there for him

Men are told to be the strong one in the relationship which makes them shut down emotionally. You need to tell him that you are always there for him to lean on. Show him that you will be there when he needs someone to talk with and rely on. When he is upset, tell him you will be there if he wants to talk to someone. This will not pressurize him and will know that you are there for him.


  1. Understand

When a guy feels there is nobody to understand him, he shuts down. Make sure you understand his situation and things that are bothering him. He will never open up to you if he thinks you will not understand him and will not be able to provide him helpful insight. Share with him if you have some similar story and tell him how you felt so that he feels connected and opens up.

  1. Stop nagging

Mostly couples fight because the girl nags them to do something and he does not do it. If you want him to open up with you, you have to stop nagging. If you keep on nagging, he will think he is not good enough for you and will never be able to make you happy. He will not share his true feeling with you if you keep on nagging about things.

  1. Feel his happiness

Guys rarely show their emotions and it usually happens when they are happy about something they did. Boost him in his happy moments and talk with him. When his emotions are on high, he might probably share something that he will not talk about otherwise. Get excited with him so that he can open up with you.


  1. Share opinions carefully

Show him that even though you have your own feelings and opinion, but you understand that others can think differently and can have their opinions too. Show him you are open to other’s point of view as well. If you have the negative opinion about something and he knows about it, he will feel opening up about that thing might make you angry and you may judge him. Tell him that you understand that people can have different opinions; he will feel comfortable sharing things with you.

  1. Ask him the reason to hold back

Even if you do everything right, he might still have the feeling to hold back things. If all your efforts went into vain, ask him the reason for holding back or if he has made any reservations for you. Ask him if you can do anything to help him. This way you can figure out his feelings and tell him that you are feeling distant because he is not opening up.

  1. Being trustworthy

You need to put in some efforts to ensure that he trusts you; else he will not wish to share things with you. We share our emotions and secrets with someone we can trust and same is with guys. Emotions are big deal for guys, so they want to share it with someone they can trust completely. Be open and honest with the guy so that he can trust you.


  1. Being patient with them

Getting him to open up to you too take time like other things in the relationship. Be prepared for it to take a long time and wait for him to be ready to open up to you. Sit back and let things run its natural course you’ll find that he’ll start confiding in you more and more and pretty soon he’ll be 100% open.

  1. Choose the right time

You have to wait for the right time to expect him to open up. If he is stressed and depressed, he might not open up to you. The best time is when he is in the great mood. When they are in good mood, they can talk about the things that made him sad or mad. Calculate when he is more comfortable talking and then ask him your questions.


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