10 Things That Happen To Your Body During Sex!

By- Shreya Sharma

Sex feels amazing not just because you get lubricated and your vagina expands, but because many other things that go on in your body. From the second you get turned on, your body do some amazing things to make sure that you experience major pleasure. As you indulge into the love making process, your body makes some major changes. That post sex glow is not a myth, your body and hormones actually get to work out. Here are 10 things that happen to your body during sex.

  1. Your body drugs you

During sex, adrenaline, oxytocin, and dopamine are released which makes you feel amped up, happy and attached to your partner. Oxytocin makes you bond with your partner. Dopamine makes you crave more and adrenaline causes your heart rate to rise.


  1. Everything seems sexy

Not just your man turns you on, every sexual stimulus you see leads to arousal; be it nude male and female bodies, heterosexual and homosexual sex or even animal sex. Being a woman, we have the ability to get aroused by a much broader range of situations.

  1. Things do not easily gross you out

You are less affected by sweat or weird smells when you are having sex. When you are aroused, the gross things do not appear disgusting. So, now you know why morning breath is not a big issue.

  1. Your vulva becomes engorged

Your blood comes rushing down there, from where you lubricate. Your vulva can actually become engorged and firm from all of the blood flow.


  1. Your blood pressure rises

With so much of blood flowing, your blood pressure rises, along with your pulse and rate of breathing. The red or flushed look you get during sex is because of the dilating blood vessels.

  1. Your clitoris hides

At first, the blood flow makes it engorged, but as you are about to reach climax, it pulls back against the pubic bone and seems to disappear. Your clitoris somewhat hides during sex.

  1. Your breasts can get bigger

During sex, your boobs end up swelling and getting bigger. It is an addition of 25% in your boobs.


  1. Your vagina bounce back like a rubber band

Your vagina just doubles up in the size, had all sorts of blood flow and lips expanding, and then, during resolution, it all goes back pretty damn quick. All of a sudden, it’s tight enough even though it just fit a penis. It’s incredible. Your vagina is so elastic it just bounces right back after sex.

  1. Your brain notices every touch

Different brain regions are activated in response to the stimulation of the vagina, cervix, clitoris and nipples. Your mind is crucial for arousal, stimulating these areas at once can lead to an even more explosive finish.

  1. Your body tries to trap sperm

Spasm happens at about 0.8 seconds apart, and you can have a few or a lot depending on the strength of orgasm. Your vagina prevents semen from escaping and moves it up inside you to increase your chances of fertilization.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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