How To Make A Move On Him First? 12 Subtle Ways To Do It!

By- Shreya Sharma

You are sure that this cute guy likes you. His actions and gestures are giving you a clear sign that he is into you but he has never talked about it or has never expressed it in words. It is because they are nervous, what if you say no? Plus all the pressure is on a guy to approach you, initiate a conversation, come up with romantic creative ideas and make a move. Staying up in 21st century and talking about equality gives us equality to approach a guy as well. So if you are sure a guy is into you and you too like him, make the first move girl. Here are the 12 not-so-obvious ways to make a move on him first.

  1. Look for the signs

You know the signs that he is interested in you, all you need to do is to pay attention to them. Look out if he laughs at your jokes, makes eye contacts or listen to what you say carefully. See if he shows these signs.

  1. Be casual

As we said earlier since it is so much of pressure on a guy, they may feel nervous, so it is up to you to make him feel cool and comfortable. Keep it casual to lessen the pressure.

  1. Understand the body language

Understand and read his body language, if he leans into you or doing your actions or speaking up your language, this shows he likes you.

  1. Know if he is single

Make sure the guy you feel is interested in you is single as well because there is no point putting in your efforts in a guy who is already taken. It does not mean to ignore them but you know how to manage your conversation in that case.

  1. Do not put your jealousy on display

The man will run away if after a few chats you act jealous and giving looks to the guy if he talks with other girls. Sure you will feel jealous but do not show him your jealousy and gulp it.

  1. Keep moving even if you get rejected

If you are making a first move on a guy, there are chances of possible rejection. Not every guy is going to be interested in you, so if the guy you like is not interested in you or is in a relationship, you need to move on.

  1. Show your interest

If he is showing all the signs that he is interested in you and you too have interest in him, show it back. Let him know you are interested by touching his arm, making eye contact and flirting.

  1. Do not use a wing-woman

Sure the guy you like will be with his friend but you can approach him alone. His friend will understand it and will not need your friend to accompany him possibly.

  1. Stay away from groups

 Groups are a bad idea. Men do not approach woman in group. Same you need to keep in mind. If his friends do not like you, they will tell him which will lessen your chances. So wait for him to be alone to make the first move.

  1. Go to some romantic place

Suggest a romantic spot when you both are planning an outing. Go to a place where you two will be alone and can enjoy one another’s company without distraction.

  1. Kiss him but not on lips

Kiss him on the cheek or on the shoulder but not on the lips. Keep it sweet rather than sensual. Once you open up, he will give you the kiss that you have been waiting for.

  1. Dance together

Dancing is fun. It is better if there’s a guy dancing with you. Get him on the dance floor. It’ll be harmless at first, but once you two start syncing, the things can go in a way you want.

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