11 Things Every Selfie Obsessed Person Can Understand!

By – Someshree Banerjee

Selfie is swag, and there’s no harm in being a swagger. After all it’s all SO cool. So are you a selfie queen? If yes, then we’ve got something that is just made for all those selfie maniacs out there! So here’s a list of 11 things every selfie obsessed person can surely relate to.

  1. You’re a pro.

From the geeky goggles to the perfect pout, you’ve mastered each look with the correct AF attitude.

  1. Place doesn’t matter.

Your selfie doesn’t need a great background- it can be taken anywhere. ‘Cause all that matters is you, your expression and the way you look.

  1. Final selection

All your selfies have to pass through your super examining eyes and only then do they finally get the chance of being uploaded on Facebook.

  1. Best features

The most important configuration that you’d probably need in your cellphone is its camera quality, especially the front camera.

  1. The master of the art

You’re the one people rush to when it comes to learning the best poses and finally achieving the best selfie.

  1. Apps to the rescue!

Have a zit or a cut, you never need to bother ’cause you’ve the best beauty apps to hide those unwanted trinkets.

  1. Group-fie queen.

Everyone in your group looks up to you for clicking the group selfies. Needless to say, but for obvious reasons you’re the one who shines in each of the group selfie.

  1. Miss perfectionist

You never hesitate to experiment with your facial expressions or your looks or trying out something new and finally emerge as the best in each selfie. All thanks to your perfection!

  1. Selfies for anytime, anywhere.

Selfies don’t need any occasion, they’re absolutely random ’cause they can be clicked whenever you want, even while studying or at a wedding.

  1. The memory problem

Your phone’s gallery is loaded with your selfies and 90% space in your phone’s memory card is blocked for those.

  1. No matter who says what, you love to be a selfie addict.

Well, you give a damn to anybody who says that you look different from your pictures. You do what gives you pleasure so you’re not affected by anybody’s harsh comments.

Source : tumblr, Giphy

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