Little Secret: 8 Things You Will Find In A Girl’s Purse!

By- Shreya Sharma

A woman’s purse is like a mystery box. You never know what pops out of it and when. It is like you name a thing and you can find it in a girl’s purse. Eight things that you will find in a girl’s purse.

  1. Sunglasses

Yes, they are a must. It is so bright out due to sun and even they add to the look.

  1. Old Shopping receipts

We forget to take them off. We believe in shopping and not about what to do with the receipts.

  1. Medicines

We carry a mini pharmacy in our bag. We have medicine for headache, nausea, stomach ache and things.

  1. Make-up things

Perfumes, Lipstick, Kajal, Nail Filer, Moisturizer even tissue papers are a must in our bags. There can be a need for them at anytime.

  1. Headphones

Of course, we love to occupy ourselves with songs and radio. We are modern enough!!

  1. Hair Brush

We are freaks when it comes to our hair. We prefer carrying a hair brush or comb to keep our hair on place.

  1. Money and cards

Money and cards are necessary for our random purchases.

  1. Sanitary napkins

Yes, we carry sanitary napkins as a precaution whether these are those days of months or not.

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