17 Reasons Why Having A Sister Is The BEST(est) Thing Ever!

By- Shreya Sharma

A sister is your best friend since childhood because she is the one who teaches you the meaning of real friendship. And somehow we all look for the traits of our sister in our best friend. She is there to support us through thick and thins. And she is our constant motivator. But that does not mean that there are no times when we hate her from the core of our heart but all in vain because we cannot imagine a day without fighting with her. Here are 17 reasons why having a sister is the best(est) thing ever.

  1. You are together since your childhood

She knows your embarrassing stories and traits, she will blackmail you but you know she will never share those with anyone.


  1. Your awkward conversations

Be it about periods, poop, sex, bikini wax and every other thing. There is no limit to the grossest of things you can talk about.

  1. She knows the most about your crush

You can talk in lengths with her about the new guy in your life and you can stalk him together and she can be your love guide.

  1. You have so many memories with her

She has been a part of your best memories, sad times, first times and everything. You have been together through all.


  1. You can go crazy together

You know she will not judge you for your crazy dance moves or awful singing. She might even join you in.

  1. She is the reason that you manage to look great

Because she is absolutely honest about your dressing sense always.

  1. And her clothes are yours

You know you can borrow her new dress and shoes when you need it.


  1. She is like your brother

She can scare the shit out of anyone who tries to mess with you. She has been your bodyguard since ever you are born.

  1. And you share similar tastes in music, TV shows and movies

She is your partner for movies because no one else will understand your love for SRK as she does.

  1. You can go shopping together

And you know nothing clicks your mind when she is not with you on your shopping spree. Your sister will be there with you always to help you finalize clothes.


  1. And you have had fight a lot

She is the reason you learned to ‘forgive and forget’ because you do not spend a day without the fight and defending each other.

  1. She is your stress buster

Whenever in stress, call your sister and she will give you some great not-so-useful suggestions that you will end up being relaxed.

  1. You dress up together before going to any place

And there is no competition because you both are worried about each other’s looks.


  1. A constant partner in crime

And not to forget how she has to deal with all the scolding even when you too were involved.

  1. You are never alone

She will be hovering over you and near you and be poking you, and this can never make someone feel alone.

  1. Your surprise box

She knows you inside out, so she will surprise you with the things you want every now and then.

  1. You cannot imagine your life without her

And the thought of her marriage makes you have mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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