10 Gifts Perfect For Your Long Distance Bae!

By- Shreya Sharma

Long distance relationships are not easy, having the one you love to the core staying in some other city, state or country is never easy. You miss out on the random dates, random hugs and kisses, acting like an extended family etc. You just wish for them to be there by your side every moment which makes you miss them even more. You feel frustrated and try to find out the ways to be in touch with them and surprise them. You look out for gifts that can help lessen this distance between you and your man. Here are 10 gifts perfect for your long distance bae.

  1. A kiss in the box

If you want to shower your kisses on your man and gift him something thoughtful that will excite him, then all you need to do is buy some lip shaped candies or candies with the name “kiss” and put them in the box with some special message or you can even kiss tissue papers leaving the lipstick impression on them and writing down your special message like “A kiss for a day, keeps us together always”.

kiss flying

  1. Baking box

We all love cooking and baking for our man, no matter if he is staying away from us. Though we are deprived of the fact to cook for them and make them eat with us but you can bake some goods for him and pack them with care in a box and send it to them and wait for them to appreciate your gesture.

  1. Themed box

Take a box and paint it blue or the theme you are celebrating inside and outside and give your box a name like “I go blue without you” and fill the box with blue things like blue candies, blues boxers or things that he can use in blue color. Do not forget to put a picture of you in blue lingerie. Put a love note in the box expressing your love for him. He will love it.

  1. Movie in a box

This will be your way to have a movie night with your bae!! Take a box and fill it will popcorns, movie snacks and a USB with all the movies that you both wish to watch together. Once your man receives the box, jump on Skype and sync up your movies and start your date night.

movie together1

  1. Letter for the reasons I miss you

Tell your partner about how much you miss them, what all makes you miss him and remember all of the memories you have together. Include a photo of you two in it and make your letter lively with your perfume or lipstick kiss mark on the letter.

  1. Letter for the first day of winter

Tell your partner about the ways you want to spend your winters with him and tell him how winters make you miss him even more. You can even include a gift that could be a pair of gloves or hot chocolate with a cute mug or anything.

  1. Letter about feeling frisky

With this letter include a sexy picture of yours, a USB with your favorite sexy songs playlist, your panty and write all the dirty naughty things you wish to say to him and talk about your fantasies and the things you will do to him the time you meet him.

  1. Letter to apologize

This will be great in the times when you are fighting. It will work as an apology. You can add a tissue paper with your lipstick marks on it and also a picture of you two kissing with a caption “Let’s kiss and make up!!”

  1. A map with a heart

Use Photoshop for your help. Take a map and mark your city in the left and his city in the right and place a picture of yours in between the cities in a heart shape and write down under the picture the year you started dating and get the picture framed and parceled to your man.

  1. Matching mugs

Find a his and her mug for you man or one cup mark your city and the other one marking his or the mugs that together forms a complete meaning and gift it to your man to show howempty you feel without him.

matching mugs

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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